Growing a transformational business can make you feel like you're taking two steps forward and three steps back.

There are a hundred and seventy gazillion ways we heart-based entrepreneurs uniquely self-sabotage.

We get caught up, because of our empathy, in others’ emotional dramas. . .

Get dragged down by disappointments (in our own lives or others’). . .

Get stuck in indecision about whether we’re really making a difference. . .

Take too little action because we’re not crystal clear about our motives. . .

Or take too much action — because someone said we “should” — without getting results. . .

. . . and fail to move forward.

The truth is, we all face obstacles.

My clients? They know how to TRANSCEND them.

They get more done in way less time.

They get higher-quality work done.

They trade stress and struggle for joy and ease in their work.

They trade confusion and overwhelm for simplified, focused strategies.

They step out with courage and take more chances in their businesses.

They ditch the limiting habits and beliefs they may have had for years.

They experience real security as the powerful creators they are.

And their outer lives transform as a result of these inner changes. In a permanent way.

If you want to experience REAL security & certainty in life and in business - work with Helen.
— Erika Lyremark

To get REAL results in your transformational business, you don’t need to solve any problems.

You need to solve what's causing problems.

If you’re smart, capable, and you’ve already taken aaallll the programs. . .

. . . yet you’re still not experiencing the results you want in your business - joy, freedom, prosperity, ease, and more. . .

. . . it’s time to transcend the level of thinking that has caused you to feel stressed out, stuck, broke, or otherwise miserable to begin with.

My rockstar clients who have mastered the art of transcendent business get spectacular results.

  • I helped one of them turn $12K of revenue into $76K with just a few tweaks in her marketing strategy.

  • Another has experienced consistent $20K months just by sending a few emails to her list each month (no fancy video launches or even a traditional funnel).

  • One generated over $1.5M in only a few months with two product launches.

More importantly, though, when you live “outside” of your problems, you get peace.


No longer are you tugged back and forth by your emotions - by your hopes and fears, frustrations, indecision, self-doubt.

And no longer do you compromise who you really are, and what you really want to do.

You get to stand in your real greatness (way beyond anything the ego will offer you) and own Who You Really Are.

And you get to watch as life unfolds before you in miraculous ways.

Undreamed-of opportunities and ideas present themselves to you out of the blue.  

You find that you're working with less effort, and better reward.

And you just. . . feel better.

I want you to have all of this, and more.

Which is why I created TRANSCENDENT, a 6-week private mentorship & miracle incubator.

This is my promise to you:

If you'll show up for TRANSCENDENT
and apply everything you learn
inside the program. . .

You'll will leave with butterflies-in-your-stomach excitement
about your business and life, and miracles will begin to show up,
so you get greater results with far less effort than ever before. 

What makes TRANSCENDENT different from anything else?

I work with people in the transformational business, and the truth is, we’re different.

It’s likely, in fact, that you’ve been trying to take the “Hero’s Journey” using a map designed to get around the mall.

Your business has an EPIC theme, yet you’re attempting to grow it by watching webinars on how to get more clients.

You don’t need to get clients!

You need to awaken to the “You” who already has all the clients you need.

You need to start playing a game you can WIN — and I can assure you, you won’t win it by playing the rules of, say, the online business world.


And I can help them trace where they are in the journey and make sense of all the frustrations they may have experienced and see how they have actually been SO helpful and useful in getting them where they’re meant to go.

I’m not just helping them with self-sabotage, or getting them “unstuck.”

I’m introducing them to their REAL life—the one that’s trying to be lived through them but that they can’t see because they have been beaten over the head with ideas about how business is supposed to look.

They’ve been trying to evolve spiritually using something they learned in bschool — and it’s a completely unwinnable game.

YOU listen to your inner wisdom and then you reach out to the world and illuminate it with that wisdom, which creates a ripple effect throughout the world

Calling upon your "secret business partner" to help you (the supply that is universal -- "gold dust")

Having an advantage when you're employing unseen forces -- leverage (you can only do so much on your own but with metaphysical laws you can amplify your efforts in unlimited ways)

Small lessons so you don't get overwhelmed

Someone who believes in much more than physical laws and actually LIVES that vs. someone who just tells you to take action in the normal way that everyone tells you to do

Here's how this one-of-a-kind experience will unfold.

Each week for 6 weeks, we'll meet for a one-hour Miracle Incubator Session — just you and me.

You'll bring to these sessions all of the obstacles that have prevented you from reaching the true level of success you know you're capable of.

(Yes, you may be very successful already - but I'm talkin' to you if you know there's something more for you that you haven't yet been able to access.)

I'll offer you a handful of timeless, powerful principles that you can apply to transcend these obstacles, week by week.

I'm not going to overload you.

There are only a few principles you need to keep applying and practicing daily in order to see HUGE shifts in your results.

We won't be employing any gimmicks or "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't" techniques.

  • Gone will be any frustration you might have experienced when trying to work the "Law Of Attraction."

  • Gone will be the confusion about why you haven't already experienced the kind of epic success you know you're capable of.

  • Gone will be the disappointment about having tried to break through your "blocks" to success (or abundance, or even LOVE) and found that you're right back where you started.

In place of confusion, frustration, and disappointment will come mental clarity, creative energy, and emotional peace

Working with Helen has changed my life and business in ways I didn’t expect and hadn’t experienced before. I’ve worked with amazing mentors and teachers, both business and spiritual, for over two decades — and I’ve taken way too many programs to count — but NOBODY does it like Helen!

Seriously, she brings a unique, potent, mix of strategy and spirituality which results in true transformation - lasting changes, not short-term shifts then back to the old normal way of being and doing. 

Working on inner beliefs and mindset, together with the outer strategy and goals, allowed me to move forward into action with ease, transcending blocks and limitations inside and out. So many missing pieces fell into place through Helen’s work and tools. I came away with new plans, with clarity, confidence, peace, renewed enthusiasm for my work and for what I really WANT instead of what I’d been settling for. 

Helen creates a safe, supportive space and shares her wisdom and expertise from a different perspective than I’ve ever heard before. She’s held me to my highest always and believed in me, even when I didn’t fully believe in myself. She’s funny, kind, wise, warm and oh so generous, with a special fierce, gentle, rare level of commitment to her students’ success.
— Diane Johnston


BONUS: The TRANSCENDENT foundational program (a $999 value) is yours immediately upon joining.

This 6-week transformative program will create an unmistakable shift in your life and business.

I'm offering it to you immediately upon registering, so you can choose how you want to consume it. You can binge-listen all at once, or go through it week-by-week. Or take it at any pace you like!

Your weekly Miracle Incubator Sessions will only enhance what you learn from the foundational program and take things to an even greater level.

The 6 audio and PDF modules inside this magical (and I really do mean "magical"!) program include:

Week One: How We Got Here And How To Transcend "Here"

In this module, you'll learn why you hold yourself back to begin with, and the tools and techniques you need to rise above your previous limits. You'll learn to spot the exact ways your "inner masochist" — what I call that part of your mind that is addicted to negative emotions — keeps you playing at a certain level, and the surprising way to transform these patterns.

Week Two: Become The Next-Level Entrepreneur

This week you'll learn to SURRENDER TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Who you really are is the person who has that next-level epic success you know you want. It may sound strange to "surrender" to this Real You, but it's a very practical process. Meaning, you're not going to have to do some ritual with fire and incense or dance naked in the moonlight. You'll discover practical (and also freeing and fun!) exercises to help you with this. 

Week Three: Decide On Your Epic Success

Now we're going to drill down to what "epic success" means to YOU. This is not a goal-setting activity. You're not just going to choose some random huge goal (and even if you already have chosen a random huge goal, you'll be asked to examine it through a different lens). What we're doing here, very specifically, is deciding in advance exactly what "you're having" (like ordering from a menu) so you know with absolute certainty that it's gonna show up for you. 

Week Four: Fall In Love With "The Hustle"

Ugh, I almost hesitate to use the word "hustle" because it's been so overused. And also because it might conjure up this image of someone who's constantly working. That's NOT what this week's lesson is about. At all. In fact, it's about getting much more done in less time than ever.I'll teach you how to lock into the "flow" of creativity and productivity, so that you actually look forward to those times when you "have" to sit down at the computer (or wherever you make your art) and churn stuff out.

Week Five: Develop Your Strategic Value Plan

Now that we've cleared the path for your next-level success, in this week's lesson you're going to get a clear and present picture of the VALUE you uniquely bring to the marketplace. No, I don't mean you're going to develop a USP (you probably already have one!). I mean we're going to get incredibly clear - like, clearer than the desert sky on a hot summer day - about the value you are creating in your customers' and clients' lives. Why? Because undervaluing ourselves (and thus, underpricing and overworking) is the tangible way that we women entrepreneurs tend to sabotage ourselves.

Week Six: Create Your Influential Message

Maybe you already have a message - but do you know how to describe it to as many prospects as possible (i.e., to both tailor your messages to your existing customer base AND widen your audience)? As with your Strategic Value Plan, we're going to be stripping away all unnecessary messaging (including jargon or "my eyes are glazing over" language) and getting down to the essence of what makes you and your business stand out in SEVERAL different customer segments. This is high-level marketing communications stuff that I've honed over more than 20 years of studying, practicing, and teaching marketing.

TRANSCENDENT is a comprehensive training course in understanding your mind and tapping into universal guidance . . .

. . . so you can transcend the obstacles that keep you from having what you really want.

You'll learn:

  • The ONE thing to do when the "inner masochist" appears that instantly transforms its energy from self-sabotage to self-support

  • My five-part "map" that keeps you laser-focused and rapidly moving in the direction of your desires - instead of the "start-stop" routine that holds so many entrepreneurs hostage at a certain level of success

  • The "DNC" exercise that literally separates you from your limitations, allowing you to think and act from a whole new state of being - one that supports your desires rather than thwarting them

  • The breakthrough mindset that will instantly shift your energy from fear, self-doubt, or hesitation - into excitement, anticipation, and expectation of success (hint: when you expect success, that's what you get!)

  • A unique technique that lets you rapidly shed your current "self" and confidently leap forward into the "you" who already has what you desire

  • Exactly how to set things up in your business (and life) so that you no longer settle for anything less than what you REALLY want (no more bad clients, no more soul-sucking work, no more letting people trample over your boundaries)

  • How to create strong boundaries without ever feeling like a bitch (we'll fine tune the nuances of this in a way you've likely never heard)

  • The single most important decision you MUST make if you want to reach extraordinary levels of achievement without burning out, stressing out, or feeling like you're constantly working

  • The REAL reason you feel "lazy" or unmotivated, or want to procrastinate on your most important tasks - and exactly what to do to find yourself wanting to take action (i.e., not forcing yourself by willpower)

  • How to tune in to the underlying current of your own creative energy, so you can maximize every hour you spend on (and in) your business and get at least 4X done in the same time

  • The three-word phrase that'll shift your entire approach to the "hustle" and have you smoothly churning out products and services like never before

  • The hands-down simplest way to generate more sales (no, it's NOT a complicated funnel, automated webinar series, or an "auto" anything, for that matter - it's a timeless, practical principle you can use regardless of technology)

  • Which Strategic Value Plan will help you increase your profits and plug the leaks where money is being drained out of your business (you'll get to choose from a selection of three templates, taken directly from thriving businesses in the transformation space - and you can customize them to fit your business to a "t")

  • The ONLY 3 prospects you need to connect with - including one you've likely never considered - and exactly what to say to each of them so they click, join, and convert (this is a closely-held secret from one of the greatest advertising legends in history)

  • The 6 ways to instantly become more influential and persuasive in your messaging - emails, social media posts, invitation pages, you name it

. . . and so much more.

(Value: $149)

This guide ALONE could change the trajectory of your business (and life) if you apply it. It's a succinct, no-nonsense guide to getting sh*t DONE, without fuss and drama and procrastination.

And guess what? It's SUPER digestable and will take you literally minutes to read and understand.

It's all about simplicity, baby. You'll discover:

  • Why "charging what you're worth" is the kiss of death in any market - and my 3-step process for determining value instead

  • Exactly when to raise your prices, no matter what market you're in or what the competition is charging

  • How to feel AMAZING about the idea of making more money, even if you're not unhappy where you are right now (I get it, you're already doing "fine" - but why settle for fine when you can have "amazing"?)

(Value: $299)

This workshop alone is worth multiple times your Success Circle membership investment. Think about it: if you felt 100% confident and clear about increasing your prices 2X, 3X, or more. . . what could that do for you and your business?

In this workshop we will completely transform your entire concept of pricing. I'll show you:

  • Why "charging what you're worth" is the kiss of death in any market - and my 3-step process for determining value instead

  • Exactly when to raise your prices, no matter what market you're in or what the competition is charging

  • How to feel AMAZING about the idea of making more money, even if you're not unhappy where you are right now (I get it, you're already doing "fine" - but why settle for fine when you can have "amazing"?)

When is this happening?

The moment you decide to say “Yes” to the REAL life that is waiting to be lived through you.

A life where joy, creativity, ease, freedom, and prosperity are a natural occurrence.

And where you never again doubt your purpose, your path, or what steps you should take next.

When you say “Yes!” to all of this by joining me inside a TRANSCENDENT mentorship. . .

. . . that’s the moment we begin.

What's included?

  • The core 6-week training is delivered to you immediately in bite-sized, powerful lessons you can complete at your own pace, from wherever in the world you are

  • Each lesson contains concise and easy-to-digest content, worksheets and exercises that are designed to support you in turning insight into action

  • We'll have a 1:1 Miracle Incubator Session every week for 6 weeks, where we will uncover - and more importantly, transcend, all of the obstacles that have prevented you from reaching the success you desire (and deserve)

  • You'll get monthly challenges to stretch you out of your comfort zone and into the "new you" who's experiencing epic success

  • There will be periodic (random) check-ins for you to demonstrate your learning - i.e., in a nutshell, I'll ask you to repeat back to me what you learned, so we can make sure you're getting everything you need to support your next-level success

  • You get ALL my mindset tools and techniques that I've developed over the years, that helped me re-invent myself and create & grow my business (these are not more of the same journaling and manifesting exercises that everyone does - because honestly, none of that stuff worked for me so I had to create my own super-deep exercises!)


Why did I create this program?

In late 2011, after spending more than 20 years in a suffocating (yet lucrative) corporate career, I completely reinvented myself.

I took a major (and, by most accounts, completely insane) leap that ended up paying off.

I built a thriving business from the ground up, in an industry completely unrelated to my former career - with no connections, no backup plan, and no safety net.

And although I had quite a bit of success, I still kept sabotaging myself.

I had obstacles, like we ALL do in business. I just wasn't rising above them.

They were forming a wall around me, and the success I really wanted was on the other side.

No matter how many times I read The Big Leap and intellectually understood that I was shooting myself in the foot. . . I still couldn't manage to shift the situation.

Worse still, I had the recognition of truth in certain moments.

Like, I knew that all of my suffering wasn't necessary, and that there were miraculous options available to me.

But when I looked around at my life, I just couldn't see where they were.

My shift came when I surrendered my former idea of success, released my vice grip on my need to be totally in control. . .

. . . and let life (lovely, gorgeous, miraculous life) lead me where it wanted me to go.

At the same time, I made a definite decision that I was going to have inner peace. Permanently.

No more wild swaying between hope and fear - between "I hope this works out!" and "What if it doesn't?"

No more feast-or-famine stress.

No more self-doubt and indecision.

No more stabbing in the dark trying to "make my marketing work."

I studied the principles of universal law and conscious reality creation like my life depended on it.

(In a way, it did. I couldn't go on living with mediocre - or sometimes excruciatingly painful - results, and so I had to change my approach.) 

Is TRANSCENDENT right for you?

This is an ACTION-based program, where you'll immediately apply what you've learned to your current projects.

In other words, you'll be focused on "shipping" your work instead of studying and getting lost in over-analyzation.

I'm really expecting you to show up. I will be watching you.

I will love you fiercely, which means I will call you out if I see you hiding in the shadows (with your inner masochist!).

So it's not for you if you really, really want to stay stuck and not rise above your obstacles.

And it's not for you if you're going to get offended or angry if I challenge you to step up and show up.

(No, you don't have to become a selfie-taking extrovert - I'M certainly not. I'm talking about showing up at YOUR full potential.)

If you're a high-performing doer (even if you aren't acting like one currently) who's ready for next-level success, service, and leadership. . .

Then it may be just right for you.

Here's what happens when you reserve your private mentorship.

You receive an order confirmation (either through my website or PayPal, depending on what method of payment you choose), followed shortly thereafter by a welcome email with some inspiration to start.

(Please be patient with the welcome email - it may take a few hours to get to you! If a few hours passes and you're concerned, though, just email us and we'll get you sorted.)

The next thing that will happen is I'll start setting some intentions for you to get the most out of this experience.

This will be an intimate group (for now - I'm not sure where it will go in the future, but for now you will get LOTS of my attention) so you can count on being seen and heard from the moment you register.

You'll also be able to interact with the community in a private forum, and I'll be encouraging you to seek out partnerships with each other to amplify what you're doing inside the program.

There may be a ton more - I'm a fan of spontaneity, so we'll see what else comes up that I wanna to share with you!


100% of students in the pilot program
rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

The morning routine has been a big game changer along with the High Yield Moments. I find I am getting more quality work done, and I am able to catch myself when I am just stressing myself out unnecessarily.
— Olivia
I’ve been catching myself thinking negative thoughts and shifting them with the STEER Map.
— Lisa
This class has made a difference in my life and work. I’m committed to my goals and have accomplished more in the last 6 weeks then I have in the last year in moving towards my desire to create an online business. I appreciate the detailed step by step, with great actionable content. I was able to pick a direction and change my thoughts around being stuck and going from one thing to the next.
— Aldona

So, is it TIME for your most epic success yet, this year?

You already know if it's time.

If you feel that little tug in your heart as you read through this page. . .

Or you feel a STRONG urge to be a part of this. . .

Then get ye into the program, stat!

You know that you can't solve a problem at the same level you created it.

You have to transcend it, by creating the energetic shift to rise to a new level of being - and following that shift with focused action.

It's not "hard" to do this, but it's not easy to do it alone.

Having tools, guidance, support and sisterhood can make ALL the difference in how fast and how far you go.

If you decide TRANSCENDENT is right for you, I can't freakin' wait to see you inside!

If not, I hope you've been inspired in some way to make THIS the year for your next-level success.

With lots of love. . .


Helen Hunter Mackenzie

PS - There will NEVER be a better time to transcend your limits than right now. Yeah, limits are comforting. Going beyond them may create some discomfort.

But if you're courageous enough to take flight, the view from up above your limitations is breathtaking.

I'd love to be your "flight instructor" (Haha! Could I have come up with a cheesier metaphor? But whatever, I'm leaving it in.) on this exhilarating ride!

PPS - Questions? Send me an email and I'll respond promptly.

Got questions? I've got answers.

  • When can we start?

    As soon as you say, "Yes!" to the opportunity.

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