Women entrepreneurs in the transformation space. . .

As a creative entrepreneur who’s doing great work in the world, you’re no stranger to going after, and getting, what you want.

In fact, you’re probably really proud of many of the things you’ve accomplished in life so far, whether in a career or in business for yourself. And yet. . .

You know that what got you where you are now isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

You know you need new beliefs, habits, and daily actions — even a whole different philosophy or approach to your business dreams and desires — if you’re going to have that breakthrough you’ve been wanting.

Maybe you want to:

  • Reach an income level that’s been a goal of yours for awhile now

  • Get to your next level of expansion (but find yourself hitting all kinds of setbacks)

  • Build a larger community so you can bring your unique message to more people

  • Start that book you’ve been thinking about (and finish it!)

  • Sell tons of copies of the book you already wrote (and have a plan to leverage those eyeballs on your words)

  • Finally get out of “feast or famine” mode and have a consistent healthy paycheck in your business

  • Create a signature program you can market and sell on repeat

  • Turn your “side hustle” into full-time income

Whatever it is — I’m guessing you’d like to do it without killing yourself out in the process.

My clients are women entrepreneurs in the transformation space, from across the globe, who’ve discovered how to perform at the highest level in their businesses (without stress, overwhelm, and burnout).

They’re hitting bigger income goals.

Creating sold-out programs.

Making brand-new connections.

Having more FUN doing with their work.

Feeling the thrill of getting out of their comfort zones and experiencing the results that follow.

And they’re experiencing new levels of emotional freedom and discovering deeper truths about themselves they never knew.

The Rise Up Retreat is a unique opportunity to brilliantly reimagine and reshape your business in the “Transcendent Dimension” — and then bring your vision to life in the physical world.

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Explain what it is


The Transcendent Dimension is a space in consciousness where the usual limitations don’t apply. Where you can see what’s possible for your business through a brand-new lens.

In the Transcendent Dimension, you can rise above any obstacles that have previously kept you stuck and limited — and bring breakthrough ideas into the world of form.

Inside the Rise Up Retreat, you’ll learn how to navigate the Transcendent Dimension. Then, you’ll bring your vision to life with practical planning tools and resources.

It’s a unique combination of metaphysical wisdom, practical tools, and expert guidance and support — all wrapped up in an immersive, transformative experience.

Each lesson will close with a brief explanation of how you can play with the day’s concept in the “Transcendent Dimension.”

This is what REALLY sets this retreat apart from other business-building events and programs.

Because again, in the Transcendent Dimension, you have the ability to completely re-imagine any aspect of your business.

Here is what we’re covering during each day of the retreat.

It’s POWER-packed.

But focused.

(And, honestly, lots of fun, too.)

If you commit a week to this work, do all of the exercises I assign you, use all the tools you’re given, and really open your mind to a new way of thinking about your business, you WILL experience a major breakthrough.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this could truly be life-changing for you.

Here’s what we’ll cover during this uplifting retreat.

Day One: The Art & Science Of
Amplified Business Results

On Day One, I’ll offer a focused combination of practical tools & metaphysical wisdom to help you stop “efforting” your way through your challenges, and allow miracles to flow, amplifying your success with ease.

You’ll get an amazing tool to help you shift beliefs, patterns, and emotions that have limited you in the past, so you get amplified results from here on out.

Day Two: Why You Haven't Been Reaching Your Goals (Or Setting Them At All) And What To Do Instead

A true desire is like a breadcrumb your soul leaves on its way into the physical realm. It’s designed to get you to find your way back home to your true Self.

In Day Two, I’ll be your guide in setting goals that arise out of true desires. Then, you’ll create your own specific process for moving toward them in a way that brings you home to your innate joy, ease, and creativity.

I’ll also give you a unique assignment that’ll help you discover any underlying beliefs that could trip you up as you set out to accomplish new levels of success — and resolve them on the spot.

(Honestly, if all you did is this ONE assignment, you’d make exponential progress in your business this year. It’s that awesome!)

Rise Up Graphic (2).png

Day Three: The Surprising Truth About Your "Blocks" To Success, Wealth, And Joy (And What To Do About Them)

On Day Three, you’ll want to fasten your seatbelt.

You’ll do an eye-opening exercise that will show you how you’ve been self-creating your “blocks” with just ONE habit.

(Hint: I know you’re doing this, because everyone does it. No judgment from me — I used to do it all the time, too!)

Once you’ve discovered and resolved this habit, though, you’ll be amazed at what opens up for you in terms of creative energy, ideas, opportunities, synchronicities, and even mind-boggling miracles.

Day Four: From Survival Mode to Soul'd™ Offerings: A Surefire Map To Success

On Day Four, you’ll get a complete overview of how to craft a Soul'd™ Offer — i.e., a product or service that is fully aligned with your soul’s guidance and desires.

Introducing one or more Soul’d Offers into your business will totally transform your income level and your lifestyle, because you are working in your “zone” and you’re creating stuff people actually want.

(Hint: when people want it, it SELLS.)

You’ll leave your Day Four assignment with a Soul’d Offer mapped out that you feel super excited to market and sell with ease and heart.

Day Five: Plan Your Heart Out (How To Manage Time & Make Money With Your Soul's Guidance)

Spiritual principles aren’t just for “navel-gazing” and discovering yourself — they’re meant to be practiced not just for our soul’s evolution but ALSO to improve our experience here in the world.

So in this session, you’ll learn about exponential rewards and High Yield Moments, which will give you maximum progress in the minimum amount of time.

Even if you’ve resisted planning in the past, you’ll find yourself actually looking FORWARD to it this time — because of the foundational work you’ve done over the previous days and the core concepts we’ll cover today.

BONUS Session #1: The Magic Of
Giving Yourself What You REALLY Want

The #1 challenge I see with creative, soul-led women entrepreneurs in the transformation space is the struggle between their inner desire to do what they REALLY want to do, and their belief that no one will want it.

I am PASSIONATE about bringing wholeness to your actions. Single-mindedness. Direction of purpose.

In this session, I’ll help you discover how to end the struggle and skillfully dance with the creative energies of the very universe itself, so you can do the work your soul is leading you to do — and do it smartly, so your business prospers and thrives.

BONUS Session #2: How To Sell Your Soul
(Without Being A Sellout)

It’s no exaggeration to say I’ve helped myself and my clients make multiple millions in revenue over the years, with the power of authentic marketing.

I’ve distilled the key concepts into this core lesson, which will help you market and sell the Soul’d Offer you created on Day Four of the retreat.

Even if you already know quite a bit about marketing, you’ll find a fresh perspective and gain insights about how to move, persuade, and convert your ideal customer in this laser-focused class.

(I know, because I’m sharing proprietary material I’ve developed over the years, that NO ONE else teaches!)


  • Daily inspiring LIVE training, coaching, and Q&A calls for one full week — plus lifetime access to the recordings (Value: $997)

  • BONUS Integration + Manifestation Session (Value: $197)

  • BONUS Marketing + Sales Session (Value: $397)

  • Access to the shared energy and intentions of a world-class community of inspiring entrepreneurs walking the path with you (Value: $997)

  • Exercises and assignments designed to give you soul-deep answers to practical situations in your business (Value: $497)

  • Worksheets, planning calendars, and plug-and-play revenue projection tools to help you map out your numbers — and actually MEET your targets (Value: $797)

  • Plus mind-bending metaphysical truths to walk you through the science of spirituality and the art of inviting miracles into your business (and life) (Value: PRICELESS)

TOTAL VALUE: $3882.00!

Here's a peek inside the members' site:

“I have done a lot of work over the past few years that might seem similar - but nothing has landed for me in the way this has.”

"I'm reaching out to say thank you for the incredible value the Rise Up Retreat has been for me so far!

As you've said, the information may be available "out there" in other ways - and believe me I have done a lot of work over the past few years that might seem similar - but nothing has landed for me in the way this has.

Your approach, structure, and language feels more accessible and less overwhelming, and that goes a looong way. I am methodically working through all the pieces, and have been inspired to jump into the numbers (which, quite honestly, is new for me).

Many thanks for your generous work."

Natanya Lara, Energy Practitioner for Sensitive Kids and Stressed Adults, NatanyaLara.com

“I’m going to work this every day because it’s so brilliant and helpful.”

"I've been loving the STEER map I did it before I went on a webinar today, and I really aligned with the energy of my soul mates.

Helen, it was the most amazing webinar. People interacted. I got so many emails and thank yous afterward. I also booked 10 consults — 55 people showed up live and 20% said yes to have a conversation with me. I am going to meet so many cool people in the next couple of weeks. I love that energy!

I'm going to work this STEER process every day because it's so brilliant and helpful."

Michelle Mazur, Message Strategist at Dr. Michelle Mazur.com



  • Who is The Rise Up Retreat right for?

    This session is perfect for you if you are a woman entrepreneur in the transformation space who's 100% committed to fulfilling your function and purpose in this lifetime -- and yet, in some way, you're not fully "locked in" (without looking over your shoulder or waiting for the other shoe to drop).

    It's especially right for you if you've felt that every time you get close to having a breakthrough or moving to a BIG new level in your business, you get pulled back down by circumstances, or you face a total shit show of setbacks.

    And it's for you if you sense that you need some support and a new (grounded, practical, yet spiritually-based) way of looking at things in order to leave that shit show behind, for good.

    One thing I'll ask is that you be willing to let go of all notions that you need to become a "better person" or that you've in any way failed to fulfill your purpose thus far. We'll explore together how every single step you've taken along the way is exactly what you've needed to bring you to this perfect place, where miracles become commonplace and your true desires are finally realized.

  • Is this life coaching, or business coaching, or what?

    A key distinction between this work and what I would consider "life coaching" is that we don't deal with changing your habits and setting "physical world" goals that will never make you happy ultimately anyway. Instead, we delve into the root cause of what has kept you feeling stuck or like you're not exactly where you want to be.

    When you solve the root cause, the problem dissolves and you don't have to "try" to change your habits. Instead, you effortlessly move forward with energy, creativity and enthusiasm and step into the actions that will create positive change in your business (and life).

    Plus, unlike most spiritual-based work, you'll receive practical, real-world tools to plan and manage your activities in the coming months. You'll be surprised and delighted at these beautiful planning tools!

    Of course you have to DO the work (I can't do it for you!), but with the grounded practices I'll give you to help you rise above the obstacles that come your way, "doing the work" will be so much more easeful, fulfilling, and FUN.

  • How much can I really get done in a week?

    I find that most of us underestimate how much we can get done in a day, and overestimate how much we can get done in a year.

    Focusing on your business for a brief, intensive time can reap exponential rewards (almost like high-intensity interval training effects a dramatic physical transformation!).

    The sessions are only about an hour long each day, and if you carve out even another hour a day to complete the assignments, you'll find yourself creating some dramatic transformations in your business.

    Then, you'll have lifetime access to the recordings and all the worksheets -- so you can revisit this work and deepen it any time you choose.

  • How is the content delivered?

    Each day for five days, we'll meet on a conference line together (or you can login in on your computer and join the call). The bonus sessions will be conducted the same way, too.

    You'll be sent a link to each call recording shortly after the call is completed.

    And, you'll receive access to a private member's area to download the worksheets and assignments. All the call recordings will be accessible there, too, so you'll have a portal to download and/or revisit the content from anywhere, anytime (all you need is an internet connection).

Why I created this retreat.

After spending two decades in Corporate America, in early 2012 I left behind a cushy salary and a gorgeous corner office to carve out my own path in the business world.

Over the years, I've mentored and taught hundreds of women, and I’ve observed that even those clients of mine who are running multiple six-figure or million-dollar businesses still struggle with creating results at the level they know they're capable of.

I created the Rise Up Retreat because I’m passionate about helping women entrepreneurs in the transformation space “Rise Up & Lead” their business and their lives as the high performers they know they really are.

I've taken all the wisdom and tools I've taught, both in group programs and private mentoring, refined them, and combined them to create The Rise Up Retreat.

The Rise Up Retreat as a group experience has been my absolute joy to create, as it offers wisdom, guidance, inspiration, and tools to help you re-imagine and re-shape your business from both a metaphysical view and a practical standpoint, and because it is wildly affordable. Plus, the community is intimate, heart-centered, brilliant and generous.

A personal note about the retreat.

I’ve done my best to describe everything we’re doing in enough detail for you to make an informed decision about whether the Rise Up Retreat is right for you.

The part I can’t quite describe, though, is what happens when you join.

You will find there’s almost a magical quality to the Rise Up Retreat.

I can’t even quite describe it myself (and I’m not usually at a loss for words!).

There’s something happening in this space that opens up new channels of energy into your business and life.

The brilliant women in this group are reporting sold-out offers, greater emotional freedom, the courage to step out of their comfort zones, the confidence to increase their prices, and more.

And I know that, if you commit to this week with me, you’ll see a significant change in your business results over the coming days, weeks, and months, too.

It will also touch every area of your life.

It’s no good achieving our business goals if we’re miserable all along the way.

The Rise Up Retreat will swiftly, but lovingly, guide you through metaphysical truths and grounded practices that will help you move toward your desires AND love the journey.

A 5-Day Virtual Experience
March 18 - 22, 2019
Bonus Sessions: April 1 + April 8

(All sessions held @ 10AM Pacific Time)

Reserve your spot now for $3882 only $197 or 6 payments of $37 each

As soon as you reserve your spot, my friend, you’ll receive a welcome email from me.

It’ll contain all the details about how to access each call, how to get all of your questions answered, and how to join our vibrant community of smart, soulful women entrepreneurs.

Remember, all calls are held at 10AM Pacific time.

Shortly before the retreat starts, you’ll receive login details for the private members’ area, where all the call recordings, worksheets, and assignments will be uploaded throughout the week.

So, even if you can’t make one or more of the calls, you’ll have lifetime access to the recordings and all of the worksheets and assignments.

This retreat will not be held again in 2019, so if you’re even thinking about joining us, there’s no reason to wait.

I can’t wait to ‘see’ you inside this unique and transformative experience.



PS - If you have any questions at all, please click here to end me an email and I’ll respond promptly!

PPS - The Rise Up Retreat is one of the best investments you’ll make in your business (and yourself) this year. Please don’t be fooled by the low price of this offering — it is PACKED with value that would normally be found at a much higher price point. Again, this offer has been created from my heart and soul, and I’ve felt deeply called to offer it at such a low price so that it’s accessible to you at ANY stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

The most successful athletes, businesspeople, and performers all know that the “lone wolf” scenario is a myth. To get where you want to go, it’s crucial to enlist mentors, coaches, and other guides.

And the small investment you make in this retreat will be insignificant compared to the cost of continuing to struggle at a certain level, spinning your wheels, or trying to “figure it out” all by yourself.

I’d be SO honored if you join us inside this high-value, immersive retreat.


“A unique, potent mix of strategy and spirituality which results in true transformation.”

“Working with Helen has changed my life and business in ways I didn't expect and hadn't experienced before. I've worked with amazing mentors and teachers, both business and spiritual, for over two decades — and I've taken way too many programs to count — but NOBODY does it like Helen!

Seriously, she brings a unique, potent mix of strategy and spirituality which results in true transformation - lasting changes, not short-term shifts, then back to the old normal way of being and doing. 

Working on inner beliefs and mindset, together with the outer strategy and goals, allowed me to move forward into action with ease, transcending blocks and limitations inside and out. So many missing pieces fell into place through Helen's work and tools. I came away with new plans, with clarity, confidence, peace, renewed enthusiasm for my work and for what I really WANT instead of what I'd been settling for. 

Helen creates a safe, supportive space and shares her wisdom and expertise from a different perspective than I've ever heard before. She's held me to my highest always and believed in me, even when I didn't fully believe in myself. She's funny, kind, wise, warm and oh so generous, with a special fierce, gentle, rare level of commitment to her students' success.”

- Diane Johnston

“She’s on my speed dial. Get her on yours.”

"I’m a rockstar when it comes to business. I eat, sleep and breathe brilliant business ideas and always have practical, inspired solutions to my clients’ problems — not to mention my own challenges. I don’t need “help” and I don’t suffer from confusion or indecision.

But from time to time everyone needs an advisor. And Helen is an advisor I've turned to for the last 7 years.

She has the rare ability to see “above” a situation, poke into the metaphysical realm of limitless possibilities - and then invite you into that realm, too.

Just ONE simple piece of advice she gave me 4 years ago played a huge part in shaping my marketing efforts so they felt far less stressful and way more aligned with how I love to move through the world.

She’s on my speed dial and, if you can get her on yours, your business (and life) will be better for it."

- Erika Lyremark, Author, Think Like A Stripper, Creator of TheDailyWhip.com

"A modern day Joseph Campbell
with a twist."

WOW - I gotta say I've certainly NEVER heard it this way. I mean and I have a fucking masters degree in transpersonal psychology.

It's like you're the modern day Joseph Campbell with a twist, Helen. 

Good stuff.

- Sarah Nicotra, MTP, MAOM, GC-C, RNC, KBPC
Writer, Professional Coach + Intuitive

“You have given me so much more trust in myself and my choices for my biz.“

I loved getting your direct line to the Divine -- just for me! Because then I felt like I was tapped into it more. Plus it was such personalized work with my business (and really, my life).

You have given me so much more trust in myself and my choices for my biz. You gave me permission to do things my way. But combined that with great advice from all of your experience. It was the perfect balance.

You just make things easier and simpler. I felt NO SHAME when working with you. . . and right away. Even when we really didn't know each other at all. That is really big!

- Jennifer Kind, Owner, Kindful Rebel

Receive ALL of this for $3882 only $197 or 6 payments of $37 each

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