"What should I focus on first - when I have so many passions, interests, and skills?"

"How do I know what people need?"

"Why would anyone want what I have to offer, when there are SO many people doing the same thing?"

Determining what to focus on - when there are so many ideas floating through your head and you have so many talents, skills, and interests - can be a challenge.

Yet, creating your destiny starts with clarity. Beautiful, creativity-inspiring clarity.

The Clarity Session is designed to help you bypass the noisy mind and get to the heart of what you came here to do.

Inside this beautiful, soul-stirring meditation, you'll be swept away - by a soft, soothing voice and delicate, emotionally evocative piano notes - into the inner realm of spirit that holds the answer to any creative challenge.

Your voice was so soothing and yet inspiring, wonderful combination. I am that woman in the cabin... wise woman/sage wild woman/ goddess... It really helped me hone in on what I offer, and the feeling of how it feels when I am in that zone.
— Ana
Your meditation was AWESOME and your worksheet super helpful! Can’t wait to go over it again!
— Sita
I did the Clarity Session and THIS is the rough draft of my NEW welcome message for my website. It’s better than the one I have on my site and it is more fresh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— Stephanie

And the cost? Zero.

That's right, The Clarity Session is my gift to you, because. . .

You have something special to share with the world, and we are waiting to receive it.

It's not only your right to share your gift, but I daresay it's your responsibility. And I'd love to help you take one step closer to fulfilling that important role, so the world can benefit from your unique gifts.

Don't wait any longer to discover that clarity you've been seeking.



Receive your copy of The Clarity Session right now, and get started fulfilling your purpose and manifesting the business (and life) you REALLY want.

With love,


Helen Hunter Mackenzie


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