Soul To Six Figures Done For You

Soul To Six Figures Done For You


Soul To Six Figures is the ONLY end-to-end program designed specifically for the Highly Attuned Visionary Empath™.

You get everything you need to have a sustainably successful six (and multi-six) figure business — without needing to become an “internet celebrity,” working ten times harder than you already do, or sacrificing your standards and integrity.

Better still, with the “done-for-you” package, you don’t have to actually DO the work yourself! We’ll work together on parts of the process, but I’LL do all the heavy lifting. Scroll down for all the details!

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Soul To Six Figures is the only business-building program that’s uniquely designed to serve the Highly Attuned Visionary Empath.

Most business coaching programs focus on the strategies, tactics, and tools for success — and a few programs integrate mindset or spirituality as key components.

Neither of these is ideal for a Highly Attuned Visionary Empath (HAVE), because one pushes too much, while the other invites too much contemplation and not enough action.

The Soul’d Success Formula neither pushes you to a “system” nor allows you to get stuck in spiritual contemplation.

If you’re here, you very likely already understand or suspect that you are a HAVE, and you also understand that you face unique challenges — but also possess unique gifts that only a small portion of the population can offer.

That’s why I’m passionate about sharing the strategies you need to set yourself up for success, and why I’ve built them into Soul To Six Figures.

Inside the program, you’ll get:

  • A step-by-step system for bringing in a steady stream of ideal clients for whom you are facilitating transformation at the deepest level possible — without overworking yourself, or overtaxing your nerves

  • All the tools you need to put the system in place (templates, spreadsheets, planners, customizable “swipe file” emails, ads, landing pages, and more) — to provide the structure you need to turn your soul’s guidance into practical programs and marketing content

  • Intimate, personalized mentoring and guidance to help you customize everything exactly for YOU and your unique business and voice — because a HAVE is never going to be happy or successful doing a cut-and-paste of someone else’s content

  • A world-class community of entrepreneurs who “get” your HAVE traits on a deep level — and are alongside you on the path to six-figures, multiple-six figures, and well beyond, all while transforming their client’s lives like never before

  • The kind of extraordinary results that can only come from powering your business up with miracles — thanks to your soul’s wisdom and the unique path you’ve chosen as a HAVE (whether you realize it consciously or not, you will soon deeply understand why you are where you are!)


The Soul’d Success Formula


- Us working together to conceptualize your program, but ME naming all the modules and helping shape the content creation so you don’t fall behind

- Me creating your compelling piece of free content (webinar, or whatever it ends up being) FOR you, instead of you having to do it

- Me creating the landing page for your compelling piece of free content, as well as the welcome email and 3 emails as part of a nurturing sequence

- Us working together to set up your sales process, but ME writing the copy around it (whether it’s a page to invite them to call you, or a short sales page, or an application process, or a combination thereof)

- You receiving your FB ads training from Mandy, but ME writing up the ads (3 of them to test)

- Me updating the copy on your FB page, FB group, and other social media to reflect the message we define in the first part of the process

- Then you would also get the communication plan to lead people back to your compelling piece of free content 

- I would also provide graphics for any copy I write (landing page, emails if necessary, FB ads, etc.)

- And you would still receive the group component of the training (which I announced in the welcome email -- but the short version is I AM going to provide group training around how to manage and protect your energy as a Highly Attuned Visionary Empath)

- You’d also, of course, be part of the community

- And you would still have the email and Voxer access to me for both strategy/marketing/sales support and energy/spiritual work pertaining to your “HAVE” nature