"Rise Up" Retreat - VIP (Alumni Special)

"Rise Up" Retreat - VIP (Alumni Special)

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Gain breakthrough progress in your business over the next 90 days, with a customized, doable strategy + powerful tools to help you rise above your obstacles to success.

You’ll leave this session with:

  • A completely transformed view of the “obstacles” you’ve been facing (patterns of lack or delay, “default” emotions that keep holding you back, feeling overwhelmed, spinning your wheels, stuck in certain beliefs you can’t seem to shake, and more)

  • Crystal clarity about where you want to go in the next 90 days (we’ll get you thinking BIG but doable)

  • A solid, focused strategy for getting you there, and a clear, written plan of action steps to take

  • Powerful tools to help you rise above any obstacles that come your way as you implement the plan

Plus, you’ll have the unmistakable certainty (and decisiveness) that comes from deeply trusting your soul’s guidance.

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