Private Work

I freely and generously give of my time to those who are interested in exploring work with me before we ever enter into a formal agreement.

Once you have decided to invest in one-on-one work with me by making your first payment, I do not offer refunds.

When I move forward with a private client agreement, I begin to take all the steps necessary to clear my schedule- both psychic and physical- to make plenty of room for you.

I block out time on my calendar (in which I can’t meet with other clients).
I spend time scrutinizing every detail I can of your business (and life) on the web.
In my free time, I ponder your stickiest business dilemmas and concoct brilliant solutions for you.

I put forth my best for you— and I expect you to put forth your best for yourself.

You can’t do that if you have "I could just get a refund if this doesn’t work out" running in the back of your mind.

I have successful clients who love the work they do with me— and who love what they’ve been able to accomplish by working with me.

Before becoming one of those clients, please check in with your personal level of commitment to the process.

Bottom line: Think before you commit. But once you commit— commit, and don’t look back.

Group Programs

My refund policy for group programs and/or digital products is clearly stated on the registration page for that particular program.

Because of the nature of digital products that can be purchased and downloaded to one's computer instantly, i'm trusting in your inherent goodness when sharing my intellectual property.

I ask that you only purchase products you expect to pay for (rather than purchasing products you intend to get for free by requesting a refund).

Further, it is your responsibility to make the time to evaluate the suitability of the program before the refund period is up. Refunds are not issued because, for example, "I got busy and could not take the time for this class," in the same manner that a university will not refund your fees for a class if you decided not to show up after enrolling.

All of that said, if you're unsatisfied with the program you have purchased, you'll be given a cheerful refund (within the applicable refund period). It's simple: if you don't like the product you received, I don't want your money.