You got this.

No matter what things may look like in your life right now. . .

You have totally got the strength, the wisdom, the courage, and the "unseen help" to handle it.

You know how I know? Because there's no good, logical reason why you wouldn't.

Think about it.

Each of us enters this world the same way - being birthed by a mother.

(Except Superman and Jesus, of course.)

Although we each enter the world with different life circumstances, there is NO logical reason to assume that one of us is more worthy, capable, or deserving of success, happiness, and fulfillment than another.

You are not here by accident.

Nature doesn't make 'extra' people. So it follows that you're here for a reason.

My personal belief is that the reason we're here is to find our way back home, to our true selves.

(And by true selves I mean our unique, incarnate expression of the infinite Divine.)

In that vein, here are some helpful nuggets to keep in mind (and you might want to bookmark this page so you can come back and read it whenever you're feeling lost). . .

It's not too late - or too early - to create the life you want.

You are instilled with the power at birth and it stays with you throughout your life.

The reason the vast majority of us don't ever do what we REALLY yearn for in life is that we tell ourselves a story that we're too young, or too old, or too inexperienced, or too far down a wrong path, or. . .

(I routinely work with women who are running multiple six-figure and multi-million-dollar businesses, and they still tell themselves these stories, each time they're moving to the next level.)

The stories are endless. But so are the opportunities to rewrite them.

In fact, with every single breath you get the chance to be reborn. To decide how you will live your life instead of going along on autopilot. To decide that you will be, do, and have all of the things your heart desires.

Breathe in. Decide.

Breathe out. Take action (however small) on your decision.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Things will get better.

Even if they're good, they'll get better.

And if they're kinda sucky, well. . . This too shall pass.

And when all hope seems lost, when everything seems to be going wrong . . .

(Especially when you feel like you are doing everything 'right'!). . .

Well, that's when you are right around the corner from a breakthrough that will make it all make sense.

I promise.

(I've been there myself many times, and I can cross my heart on this one.)

The universe is set up to support you.

It's set up to support ALL life, and to expand and progress.

That's the nature of Life itself, and if it were any other way then Life would destroy itself.

Give that a moment of contemplation.

Life doesn't destroy - Life creates

Our consciousness - our perception of what's going on in this physical realm - can appear to destroy, through evil, hatred, violence, or simply through decay and deterioration.

But that's simply our perception - and perception can be changed.

Right now you can choose to perceive a supportive, expansive universe in which to plant and grow your intentions.

There is meaning in every event and circumstance in your life.

Sure, you can choose to deny this and make yourself miserable about how things are unfolding in your life.

You have free will, and you always have the option of exercising it to create your own heaven or hell.

However, when you use the events of your life to learn and grow and progress. . .

Guess what? You'll learn and grow and progress.

No one can prove that there is meaning in every event, by the way, except through personal experience.

I've seen people dispute this truth by saying, "How dare you tell a suffering person that there is meaning to their suffering!" which  boggles my mind. 

Why would you want to find ZERO meaning in a 'bad' circumstance, and instead wallow in self-pity?

You've always got the choice. Choose that which brings you joy.

It's okay to be yourself, in life and business.

In fact, the ONLY way to be truly fulfilled and feel successful is to be yourself.

By that I don't mean be thoughtless and rude and trample on other people's feelings.

(That's actually not being 'yourself' - that's being 'your ego.')

I mean, fully express who you are instead of trying to do things 'right' and thinking that if you were only "more like so-and-so" you'd have a better experience of life.

You're YOU for a reason.

(Remember, nature doesn't make 'extra' just to fill up space.)

Own your YOU-ness. Stop trying to be anyone else.

Because you know what?

What you think makes you weird or less-than or somehow not right, is EXACTLY what the rest of us most love about you.

For realz.

You are not doing anything wrong and you're not broken. No matter how rough it gets.

If I had to narrow down this little manifesto to just ONE point, this would be it.

Too many of us are walking around thinking we've messed up our lives, or messed up that moment or that opportunity or that interaction with someone. . .

And the truth is, we're just human.

We're all walking different paths, so the 'mistakes' we make may be different, but at the end of the day we're ALL doing the best we can.

And if you're not doing anything wrong, then your fellow humans aren't either. 

Judge not - yourself or anyone else.

Start with yourself, though.

You're doing just fine. I mean it.

Everything is okay.

It's not "going to be okay" - it IS okay.

Right now.

That's because the universe supports you, and you're doing everything just fine - remember? ;)

The sooner you start believing on a deep, abiding level that everything is okay, the more beautiful and fulfilling life will be for you.

You might disagree, arguing that things are definitely NOT okay right now, and I get it. I've felt that way plenty of times in my life.

The truth is, though, that any moment you spend disagreeing with reality is a moment you are choosing (remember that free will thing?) to make yourself miserable.

If people can live through poverty, imprisonment, violence, disability, and other seemingly 'not okay' circumstances and still choose to believe that everything is okay (and there are plenty of examples of people doing just that) - then you can choose the same mindset.

I'm not dismissing what might appear to be problems - merely reminding you that. . .

You are the one creating your life.

You really are.

But only 100% of it. ;)

Yes, events happen on this physical plane. You're not single-handedly controlling all of the stars and planets and governments and corporations and families.

However, events happen, and then YOU decide what they mean and how to respond or react to them.

Therein you create your life.

You've probably heard this a thousand times, no? So are you REALLY living it?

If not, there's no better time to start than right now.

(Just remember to give yourself a break if you feel resistance to this idea. Remember, you're doing the best you can.)

You don't need to be any 'better' than you already are, in order to 'deserve' good things.

That's right, you don't need to be nicer, prettier, thinner, smarter, richer. . .

Clean up the house, get that certification, finish that program you signed up for, start exercising three times a week. . .

Quit eating sugar or drinking wine, stop watching Netflix, break your Facebook addiction. . .

You don't need to do any of this in order to somehow 'earn' the right to have what you want.

Guess what? You wanting something is just the Divine wanting to experience more of itself through you.

And when you give yourself permission to want what you want, and you really start believing that you deserve it (hint: we all deserve to get what we want, by virtue of the fact that we exist), all those habits and things you thought you needed to 'fix' just dissolve on their own.

You don't need to become perfect in order to have the love, wealth, success, joy, and freedom you dream of.

It's available to all of us. All ya gotta do is believe it and receive it.

You matter.

There is some interaction you've had with someone in the world (and more likely a LOT of interactions with a lot of someones) that's made a difference.

Maybe you've smiled at someone when they particularly needed a smile.

Perhaps you've given a compliment to a stranger that caused her to feel more worthy - thus leading her to take a certain action which began a chain reaction of events that changed the entire course of her life.

Or you've been there for a friend, or made food for a family member, or dropped someone off at the airport.

Or you've bathed your baby, swaddled him and rocked him in your arms, read to her bed time, sung him to sleep, wiped her tears.

Maybe you've showered your fur baby with love and treats and walks and snuggles.

And perhaps you've done other things - like taking the time to write down your insights and expertise and publishing them for us to read. Or putting them in a program, or a speech, or a workshop - and delivering your wisdom for our benefit.

Maybe you've just sent an email or a text to a friend, partner, colleague, client, or customer that made them go, "Huh, I never thought of it that way."

Perhaps you've done ALL of that.

Probably you've done MOST of that, at least.

You matter. And we are so very thankful that you're here.

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