Why Can't I Find This On Monster.com?

[Ed. note]

I wrote and originally published this on April 22, 2008, on the cusp of big changes in my life.

I’d already been trying to get a ‘side business’ off the ground for years.

It would take me a bit longer, and a few more hard-won lessons, to finally make the leap from a career in the medical technology field…

To work that eventually found me “rescuing souls from the wintry depths of despair, or the lukewarm wading pool of quiet resignation” (very poetic, no?). ;)

And even MORE time before I found myself doing the work I do now.

Which is? Rescuing marketing from the clutches of slime and planting it powerfully into the palms of purposeful women entrepreneurs around the world.

I consider this post a direct request to the Universe.

Which listened. And maybe did things on its own time.

But came through nonetheless.

Who knew?

Without further ado, let’s allow the Ghost of Blog Posts Past to lead us to the window…


[Begin original post]

Today I’m contemplating my job.

It’s a good job.

Nice people to work with.

Fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Excellent pay.

Work that is interesting on some days and “not uninteresting” on most.

But, as I said a few days ago . . no psychic reward. 

I’m not complaining.

I really am thankful that this job has, for four years, provided a roof over my head, several fun vacations, some Isabella Fiore purses, sexy Charles David heels, a Jeep and all the gas it can quaff at four bucks a gallon, and enough Legos that Harrison can build a house for us to live in when I go completely insane and quit my “not uninteresting” job.

Oh, and this really cool silver and gold ring I bought last week at my favorite boutique in Del Mar.

I’m also thankful that going to the office for the past four years has really, truly been something I’ve looked forward to, mostly because my team is as crazy as I am (sorry guys, but you know it’s true).

It doesn’t hurt that the company is ostensibly creating a product that will improve – maybe even save – the lives of millions of people.

(Yeah, that totally doesn’t hurt.)

But what do I really, really, really want to do when I grow up?

Well, I want to work in a non-regulated environment where I can come up with creative alternatives to timeworn processes.

I want to be able to play with ideas instead of having to stuff them back down into my brain because “that’s not the way we do it in the industry” or “FDA won’t like that” or “that doesn’t agree with the regulatory guidance.”

(And don’t get me started on whether regulatory guidances make any freakin’ sense…)

I want to inspire people to open their minds to new ways of thinking about problems they may be facing.

And also, I want to sit.

And contemplate a tree.

And take what I see, and use it to create something beautiful that touches people’s souls…

That transports them to that dimension we all visit when we’re dreaming, and weeping, and birthing and being birthed, and having amazing sex, and hugging, and dying, and laughing ‘til our sides ache.

I want to run.

Around the block, and around again.

Just because.

And throw my arms up to the sky and scream at the clouds, “Hey! Whassup?”

And then come back to my MacBook and write down the mind-bending conversation I had with them. 

Because, you see, even though medical products save lives, I’m not as interested in saving lives as I am in rescuing souls.

And by “rescuing souls” I absolutely do NOT mean saving them from the fiery depths of hell, which is a construct of the human mind.

I mean rescuing souls from the wintry depths of despair, or the lukewarm wading pool of quiet resignation.

Death is not the enemy.

A life unlived – that is the enemy. 

So, if you hear of any job openings that fit my description, will you drop me a line?

Helen Hunter Mackenzie