When You're Born For Greatness But You're Just Not Showing Up

WARNING: This post contains some explicit language. And also, a (loving) kick in the pants if you aren't yet doing all you're meant to do in this lifetime. . .

Before I started my business about 6 years ago, I had this idea of what being my own boss would be like.

Make my own hours, create whatever I want, make as much money as I want instead of waiting for review time (and whatever percentage raise the company decided to give me).

All of it sounded so appealing.

No more sitting in traffic!

No more fluorescent lighting and freezing cold office temps! (What is it with the A/C in most offices? My fingers and nose were ALWAYS FROZEN.)

No more sitting in meetings talking about the same thing over and over again for weeks and months on end!

And as I write that out, it’s like, “Yes, it’s so true, I don’t have to do ANY of that anymore! Whooooo hooo!”

And yet.

Business can be SO freaking hard.

So, so hard.

WAY harder than I had ever imagined.

There were times in my business that I struggled so badly that if someone had come knocking on my door with a salaried position, I would have said, “Okay, YES, rescue me from this madness! Give me a paycheck and a place to go every day — a container, clear responsibilities that someone else has set for me. Own me!!”


The irony of all this ‘freedom’ that you get with entrepreneurship is that you ALSO have to be the one to set up all the structure.

You have to discipline yourself.

You have to decide what needs to be done and then DO it.

Maybe that doesn’t sound very hard.

For some people, it’s probably actually NOT that hard.

For the rest of us who can get all up in our heads and start to doubt ourselves, or get lost down a rabbit hole of information (and indecision), or just get impatient because things aren’t moving FAST enough, dammit. . .

Well, for us, entrepreneurship ain’t easy.

Is it worth it?


It’s worth it to stick it out.

Even in my darkest times, when I felt like if someone would just show up magically with a job offer and I'd take it. . .

I KNEW that if I went back to corporate life. . .

I’d be like a zoo animal that had spent years in captivity, then escaped and figured out how to survive in the big, scary wild — and then been caught and brought back “home” to confinement.

Like, yeah, I’d have the certainty of mealtime (a regular paycheck).

I wouldn’t have to run from tigers and lions (I.e. ride the crazy 'fear rollercoaster' that entrepreneurship can be).

I would again be ‘comfortable’ and not have to ALWAYS perform at the highest level to succeed (when you work for a company you can have a bad day or week or even a month and, as long as you’re performing reasonably well overall, you’ll still get your paycheck).

But. . . I wasn’t born to be comfortable.

I wasn’t born to be safe.

I wasn’t born to perform ‘adequately.’

I was born to EXCEL.

I was born to LEAD.

I was born to INSPIRE.

I was born to SERVE.

I was born to MAKE MY OWN RULES.

Is this you, too?

Are you born for all of this. . .

And yet, not showing up for yourself the way you KNOW you could?

Are you abso-fucking-lutely POSITIVE you’re made for greatness. . .

But you’re making excuses for why you’re not further along?

Here’s the deal.

I know you have a busy life.


We’ve got chores and significant others and friends and kids and fur babies.

Things come up, right when you thought you’d have time to sit down and do your creative work.

Disasters, even.

Someone gets sick.

Your kid goes through a rough patch at school.

The car breaks down.

The dog gets fleas.

The house needs repairs.

These things happen.

There’s no denying that you have shit going on in your life that makes it HARD to show up and create what you keep saying you want to create.

But the thing is. . .

It’s actually not SUPPOSED to be easy.

There is no time in the future when it’s gonna START being easy.

There’s no time when you’re gonna find yourself sitting around with nothing but TIME and ALL THE MOTIVATION IN THE WORLD to get started.

That is a fairytale.


You know how I know?

Because look around — notice how many people in the world aren’t really truly happy and fulfilled.

They’re just going through the motions.

They’re ‘fine.’

But are they really out-of-this-world fan-fucking-tastic?


And hey. . . I’m not knocking ‘fine.’

I think some people are really wired to be ‘fine’ and they’ll be that way their whole lives and that’s awesome.

I envy those people in a way, even.

Because to them, it’s not imperative to DO SOMETHING AMAZING WITH THIS LIFE.

But to you and me. . .

It’s not an option to just go through life and kinda get by.


So if you’re born for greatness. . .

Why are you letting all these ordinary things (that EVERYONE has to deal with) get in the way of what you really want?

Why are you not showing up for yourself the way you KNOW you are capable of doing?

I’m not being heartless here, because I know (I seriously know) what it feels like to be overwhelmed and confused and not know where to start or what to do next or how to find TIME when it seems like I really don’t have any.

But I also know that all of that stuff is just self-sabotage.

It’s the basic battle between “good and evil” playing out inside your psyche.

It’s your unconscious inner masochist hiding in the shadows, telling you that things are way too hard. . .

While your conscious mind is well aware that it wants SO MUCH MORE.

We have to heal this battle, my friend.

I say ‘heal’ because to fight it is pointless. Resistance only makes that inner masochist stronger and more clever and better at hiding from you.

We need to bring this whole battle into the light and HEAL it.

Understand it.

Become conscious of it.

DO THE INNER WORK of transforming it.

This is the most important work we will ever do, on our way to making our dreams come true.

Somewhere deep inside, you know this.

You KNOW that all the circumstances in your life aren’t keeping you stuck.

You know that YOU are keeping you stuck.

It’s time to stop feeling bad about that and start DOING something about it.

You CAN do something about it.

Yes, YOU.

There is absolutely no reason for you to spend another moment flailing about wondering if you’re ever really gonna get yourself into gear.

Here’s what to do instead.


Decide that you will do whatever it takes to put (and keep) your dream in motion.

Every single day, decide that you will show up for yourself.

Where do you need to show up for yourself?

You already know, right?

You need to write.

You need to create.

You need to take care of yourself.

You need to stop raiding the pantry for sweets.

You need to put the wine glass down.

You need to wake up early instead of sleeping in.

You need to stop browsing Facebook 12x/day.

You need to stop looking at what everyone else is doing and start doing your OWN thing.

You need to stop looking at people who are way further along than you and allowing yourself to feel discouraged.

You need to stop spending ANY time feeling sorry for yourself, or bad about what you have or haven’t done in the past, or wishing and hoping that things in your business and life were different.

You need to be present and create from HERE and NOW.

You need to do any or all of those things, or something else entirely.

Start now. Make a list.

What do you need to do to SHOW UP for yourself?

Make the list, read it every single day.

And then do the things.

It’s actually really simple when you remove that whole ‘angst’ thing from the equation.

(And believe me, I can only call out the ‘angst’ thing ‘cause I’ve spent plenty of time there!!)

Just get on with the things that need to be done.

You only get this ONE life (this time around at least).

How long are you willing to wait to do something AMAZING with your life?

I say, start now.

Because, remember: YOU create your reality. So stop settling for “good enough” and start giving yourself what you really want.