"When Will I Find Success?" Here's When.

It’s Friday!  At least here in San Diego it is (is it already Saturday where you are?).

Anyway, I was just cranking up some Rebecca Black on my iPod. . .

(No, I’m kidding.)

Seriously—I was just wrapping up some client work and it suddenly occurred to me that you might be wrapping up YOUR week on something less than a high note.

I hope I’m wrong, but just in case it’s true. . .

Just in case you’re feeling anything other than on top of the world on the cusp o' this weekend. . .

I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been talking about with a few of my other friends and clients, but that bears repeating here.

You may already know my background, but in case you don’t, I thought I’d reveal a bit of it to illustrate a point that could be pretty important to you.

I started my very first side business, while holding down a 'real' job, back in 1997.

I set up a website on BigStep.com, and began to immerse myself in the world of ‘internet marketing’—although we didn’t use that term for it back then.

That first business was a corporate communications firm called Centerpointe Communications. (“We get right to your point.”)

My then-husband used to hand out my business card to his colleagues but he’d often come home and say to me, I tried to describe what you do, but I’m not even really sure myself!

To which I would reply, Join the club.

(Can we say, lack of clarity? All together now. . .)

Anyway, over the years I started and stopped an alarming number of side gigs (from selling chic baby products to designing closets), all while continuing to climb the corporate ladder in the field of medical technology.

The problem was that all of the jobs I held paid really well. Too well.

And with great pay came great responsibility.

And less time to dream, think, plan, and pursue my heart’s calling.

(And by the way, I didn’t even know what my heart’s calling was. So there was that.)

Fast forward to today.

And I’m smack-dab in the middle of a business doing what I love: teaching marketing, and spirituality, and personal development.

(Yeah, I can’t limit myself to marketing because, frankly, marketing is simply the anchor that ties my more esoteric mission to the practical purpose of ‘doing great stuff in the world.’)


I’m in the middle of life as a full-fledged entrepreneur, only a few days away from my 2-year anniversary of up-and-quitting my corporate management position. . .

And as I write this, a couple of key thoughts come to mind.

Number one?

DAMN am I sloooow.

And secondly?

But hey, I made it eventually!

And it occurred to me that YOU, on a Friday afternoon/evening/Saturday morning/whatever, might need to hear that. . .

No matter how long it takes for you to figure out your “thing”, communicate it, find the people who need it, and deliver it with excellence—the ONLY failure is giving up.

You’ve heard this before (from far more eloquent writers than I), but I felt the urge to share it with you again today.

And the truth about me is that there were many times over the past 17 years (it hurts to write that: Oh. Em. Gee. Seventeen. Years.) when I really wanted to give up.

In fact I DID give up. Lots of times.

I often got discouraged and tried to convince myself that maybe I just hadn’t given enough of my all to my corporate career.

That it really was crazy to think I could strike out on my own when What do I really have to offer anyway?

So I’d gird myself with ‘reason’ and walk back into the office with renewed passion for my job.

And every time. Every single time. I would find myself wondering eventually, Is this REALLY all there is to my life?

And when I finally DID up-and-quit that corporate job two years ago, I had no idea just what an, ahem. . . adventure entrepreneurship would be.

Honestly? It hasn’t been easy (in fact in the first 6 months or so, it was about as hard as it gets).

And even as it’s gotten easiER. . .

It still hasn’t been the way I had seen it portrayed by the celebrity coaches in high-gloss videos who told me I could have “the business and lifestyle of my dreams” (or whatever).

But thank god I didn't really know what I was in for.

Because then maybe I would have predicted failure for myself.

Not knowing that in my ignorance I would eventually meet with success.


And not that ‘success’ means I’m all done, by the way. (That’s a wrap, folks!)

Nope. I’ve still got lots of work and learning to do.

Yet I’ve also got lots of joy, and adventure, and opportunity in front of me.

And I want to let YOU know, today, no matter where you are on the path of entrepreneurship and where you want to go from here . . .

The answer to the question, When will I find success? is. . . whenever you don’t give up.

Because the only thing inevitable? Is that time will pass whether you keep going or not.

(Tweet that if ya feel inclined.)

Now, back to my Rebecca Black dance fest. ;)

Have a gorgeous weekend.