The Madness Of "Rules" (Or, What ACTUALLY Leads To Success)

Let’s talk about “The Rules” for a sec.

FACT: there are about as many rules for “how to succeed in business” as there are people on this planet.

Try to undertake any plan of action, and someone is available to show you the “right” way to do it.

In fact, marketers use words such as exactly, precisely, and step-by-step just to show you that what you’re reading is the ONE AND ONLY way to success.

But. . . have you ever done everything “right,” followed your coach’s instructions, adhered to every marketing rule — and still failed to hit your goal?

Conversely, have you ever broken all the rules, winged it, or completely spit in the wind — and, to your surprise, succeeded anyway?

Has it occurred to you, then, that there are no rules???


There is no, “You have to send this many ‘nurturing’ emails out before people will buy from you.”

There is no, “This is how many ads you have to show someone before they will buy from you.”

There is no, “This is the number of sales you can make based on your list size.”

There is no, “If you say this, people will do that.”

And there’s DEFINITELY no, “If you fail to do ________, you’re screwed.”

Yes, there are general data that can show trends — but there are ALWAYS outliers to the data.

(I say this having spent more than twenty years in a corporate career running clinical trials for the medical technology industry. Yeah, I’m “woo” with a heaping side of “But the data say. . .”)

So, at the end of the day — the question is:

Why would you try to extrapolate from the data what you “should” do when, as a solo or micro business owner, you have a very slim margin of error?

I mean, seriously — you don’t have time to test, tweak, and try to “nail” your promotion.

You need clients!

You need to know that each action you take is going to result in SUCCESS.

You need to have certainty.

So how do you gain certainty in an uncertain world?

Well, there is one “rule” you can follow that makes all the others obsolete.

It’s the rule of Love.

(Vs. the rule of law.)

Here’s how it works.

It’s REALLY complicated.

No, I’m kidding.

It’s actually SUPER simple — but your ego will very likely resist it.

Because what it does is QUIET that ego.

It makes ego obsolete.

What you’ll do instead is listen to your SOUL’S guidance.

Every time you’re about to create something (whether it be a new product or service offering, or a blog post, or a social media post, an email, whatever) — here’s what you do.

You ask your wise inner Guide (your soul):

“Am I creating this out of Love, or fear?”

Now, let me offer two quick definitions.

What I mean by “Love” (capital L) here is what I call Agenda-Free Love.

No agenda. Just extending that spark of the Divine dwelling within you, out into your world.

Whatever you’re creating from Agenda-Free Love:

  • Feels compelling — but peaceful.

  • Feels important — but you’re unattached to whatever happens next.

  • Feels helpful — but you don’t need to know how or for whom it’s helpful.

That’s creating from REAL Love-with-a-capital-L.

Then we have fear.

You don’t have to be quaking in your boots to be creating out of fear.

Fear manifests in a lot of different ways, but the simplest way to know whether you’re creating something your business out of fear is to pay attention to how you’re feeling.

When you consider creating this whatever-it-is:

  • If it feels like something you’re “supposed” to do — it’s fear-based.

  • If it feels like something that “will sell” — it’s fear-based.

  • If it feels like something that you don’t want to do, but you think it’s what people want out of you — it’s fear-based.

Now, I’m not here to place value judgments on anyone.

And I will be the first to admit I’ve created PLENTY of stuff out of fear over the years.

I’ll also be the first to admit, it’s not a good way to do business.

You can make some money creating fear-based products, services, content, etc.

But you’ll end up having to deliver on that, first of all.

Which will probably cause you a lot of misery.

More likely, though, you’ll spend a lot of time on something and receive very little financial reward or psychic satisfaction.

The fear vs. Love question is truly the simplest way to slice through all the “rules” and choose what ACTUALLY works.

Remember, the “rules” are often wrong.

And there are far too many of them for any reasonable human being to remember.

AND there’s a bonus in here, when you ignore the rules and do what Love calls you to do.

Because when you’re following your soul’s guidance, you activate energies, both within yourself and in unseen realms, that can take your idea farther than you ever could all by your “small self” (meaning, your ego-led, fear-based self)

Acting in alignment with your soul also opens the portal to unlimited possibilities — so what you thought you were going to do may change dramatically, and in unexpectedly delightful ways.

I invite you to try it today.

Think of a project you’re working on, and ask the question:

Am I creating this out of Love, or fear?

Don’t overthink it.

Your inner Guide (aka, your soul) will tell you.

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Helen Hunter Mackenzie