The Best Business Advice You Will Ever Get

Business books and programs are full of wisdom on marketing, strategy, choosing the right business model, and so forth.

But the most critical piece of advice for business success is also the most often overlooked.

Here it is:

Do something.

Every day.

A successful business (and a happy life) is made up of both big and small actions taken every single day.

The biggest killer of success and happiness is sitting around thinking about stuff, worrying about stuff, obsessing about stuff, reading and learning about stuff…

And not doing stuff.

Make a clear and simple decision to do something every day.

Anything at all.

Even if it’s just:

  • Picking up a pad of paper and brainstorming a list of ideas for your business
  • Sitting down at your computer, shutting down email and your Internet browser, and writing something (an article, a chapter of a book- heck, even a page of a book)
  • Designing, writing, or editing a page of your website
  • Submitting an article for print or online publication
  • Writing a press release
  • Deciding on your business name
  • Getting a business license
  • Making a connection with one new person
  • Attending a networking meeting
  • Having your business cards printed up

And here’s the key: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your business won’t be either.

Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not progressing “fast enough”.

In fact, if you’re spending time beating yourself up, you’re not spending time taking action that will bring the progress you desire. It’s that simple.

None of the people you see enjoying long-term business success got there overnight (no matter what those fabulous “How I Made 60 Gazillion Bucks In One Day” sales letters tell you… they’re called “sales letters” for a reason).

A truly great business takes time to build (although, if you’re consistently showing up and taking action, it can take a lot less time than you ever dreamed).

But here’s another often-overlooked bit of wisdom:

Getting there is half the fun.

Miss the journey, and you miss the stuff of life itself.

So, what action will you take today on your amazing journey to business success?

I’d love to hear it!

Helen Hunter Mackenzie