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How To Have Faith Even When Things Seem To Go "Wrong"

. . .

Yes, he requests his breakfast in the morning, and his dinner in the evening.

(And he's VERY persistent in his demands, lest I somehow forget to present him with his gustatory delights on time!).

But he doesn't pace the floor, wondering whether he'll actually get his next meal, or whether stock prices are going up or down, or whether he's "doing his purpose."

Now, of course it's silly to think of a cat worrying about any of those things.

Our feline friends are obviously on a different level of consciousness from humans.

But there's still a lesson to be learned about. . .

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When You're Born For Greatness But You're Just Not Showing Up

. . .

That is a fairytale.


You know how I know?

Because look around — notice how many people in the world aren’t really truly happy and fulfilled.

They’re just going through the motions.

They’re ‘fine.’

But are they really out-of-this-world fan-fucking-tastic?. . .

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A Helen By Any Other Name (A Short Post On Giving Birth To Oneself)

. . .

(Yes, I’m aware that I just mixed my metaphors, but somehow I couldn’t think of how to finish the birthing one without blood and mildly offensive content.)

Anyway, the way I see it, those who really really need to know the story will ask- and those who don’t mind, don’t care, or simply think I’m nuts won’t have to waste a minute of their precious lives reading yet another irrelevant story on the internets.

The takeaway: I’ve been navigating...

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6 Things Not To Do If You Ever Want To Make Your Dreams Come True

. . .

(Even if it means writing one sentence of a blog post, making one phone call, creating one brush stroke, taking one photo.)

It never helps to berate yourself for your ‘habit’, by the way. Simply acknowledging it (like an anthropologist observes a native tribe member dancing around a fire) will do.

Hey, look at that, I’ve been...

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