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An Unscripted, Unplanned Plea For Humanity

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But when the list of ALL criminals compiled by the International Criminal Court flashed across the screen, I actually paused the video, rewound it, and made a feeble attempt to see the other names listed… because it sure seemed to me that ALL of them were in Africa (though the camera zipped through them in a theatrically rapid fashion).


ALL of the world’s worst criminals live in Africa?

So when the video was finished, and I had blown my nose and wiped my tears, I said a little prayer at the altar of...

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3 Ways To Create A Life You Freaking Love

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In essence they’re saying, “You hate me!” to their innocent lives, gripping their shovels in their mad little fists, and stomping out of the sandbox.

(Poor sad little life, what did it ever do to you?)

And I get it. I mean, it’s hard to face the truth that you might be hating your life.

But the reality is, as long as...

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