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When You're Born For Greatness But You're Just Not Showing Up

. . .

That is a fairytale.


You know how I know?

Because look around — notice how many people in the world aren’t really truly happy and fulfilled.

They’re just going through the motions.

They’re ‘fine.’

But are they really out-of-this-world fan-fucking-tastic?. . .

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A Helen By Any Other Name (A Short Post On Giving Birth To Oneself)

. . .

(Yes, I’m aware that I just mixed my metaphors, but somehow I couldn’t think of how to finish the birthing one without blood and mildly offensive content.)

Anyway, the way I see it, those who really really need to know the story will ask- and those who don’t mind, don’t care, or simply think I’m nuts won’t have to waste a minute of their precious lives reading yet another irrelevant story on the internets.

The takeaway: I’ve been navigating...

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