How The News Is Hurting Your Business (And What To Do About It)

I had a session with a new client the other day and shared a particular perspective with her that (seemingly) had nothing to do with her business – but she was so grateful that I shared it with her, because it helped lift a great burden from her psyche.

(And in case you hadn’t noticed – having a great burden on your psyche is bad for your business because it will keep you stuck and scared.)

So I’m feeling called to share this perspective with you, too.

Especially because it’s not coming from ME, but from a place deep within – the divine essence that is trying to ‘do its thing’ through me (and you, and all of us).

Here’s the deal.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that there is a great deal of upheaval in the world right now.

Now, I have a difficult time broaching the subject of upheaval because, honestly, I take a spiritual view of things. That is, while almost everyone else is expressing worry, fear, and outrage while bemoaning the sad state of affairs of the world. . .

I’m one hundred percent positive that everything that’s happening around us is SUPPOSED to be happening.

Even if the ‘worst’ happens.

Even if the ‘evil’ candidate becomes POTUS.

Yes, even if that happens!

Notice how I didn’t say who the ‘evil’ candidate is?

That’s because there IS no ‘evil’ candidate. There are only the perceptions that exist within each of us.

The truth is, YOUR chosen candidate is someone ELSE’S ‘evil’ candidate. And you’re absolutely sure that they’re wrong. (While they are equally sure that you’re wrong. And round and round it goes. . .)

Now, I’m not writing to you to debate politics.

In fact, I’m very sensitive about voicing my opinion about politics, or any social issue for that matter (which is why I’ve been so quiet lately).

Why? Because my opinion is probably one of the least popular around: put simply, I believe that NO ONE is right and NO ONE is wrong.

(Oh hey, I just remembered that Peter Frampton is with me on this one. Cool.)

And I also believe this: I believe that there is a force – a creator – behind this physical world.

I don’t think it’s a dude sitting up in the clouds. I do think it’s an energy that moves humanity forward.

And this energy, which pervades and permeates every speck of the universe, knows what the f* it’s doing.

It’s not sitting somewhere, outside of this universe, wringing its hands, watching helplessly as humanity destroys itself.

(Just as its not wringing its hands standing idly by while YOU run into obstacle after obstacle as you go after your dreams.)

This energy is creating all of the experiences in the world (including what goes on in your individual life) to help us wake up from the illusion that we are somehow separate from it, and thus unsafe and alone.

You see, the more challenges we face, the more we seek meaning.

When things are going great and we’re swinging in our hammocks sipping on an umbrella drink watching the sun set over a clear blue ocean (metaphorically or otherwise). . .

We’re having FUN, yes, but we’re not growing.

And guess what? We aren’t ONLY here to relax and have fun.

We’re here to rise to the occasion and expand into the fullest expression of ourselves – our TRUE selves – that we can possibly be.

So the irony of the human existence is that, since we know deep down inside that we are divine and that ‘heaven’ is our birthright and our true home, we spend our lives feeling like things SHOULD be better than they are.

And yet, all of the ‘bad’ things that are happening are supposed to be happening.

They are supposed to be happening so that we can continue to find our way home.

And there’s more. YOUR life has a particular path, whether you see it or not right now.

Who you are in the world matters, and what you do is needed.

Even if you’ve maybe spent YEARS ‘thinking’ about what you want to do but not actually doing it yet.

There is a desire planted deep within you.

(Have you noticed?)

And that desire points to your unique path, at this time, on this planet.

It’s not just a desire for more ‘stuff’ – more money and material goods. Not that money or material goods are somehow wrong. It’s just that the desire that’s been planted deep in your heart is for something even greater.

Your true desire is for contribution. For making a difference in the world. For experiencing the joy of working and living from your divine essence and having an impact on others.

The reason I do the work I do is because drawing that desire out of you is my passion in life.

Specifically, my passion is to help you discover your unique contribution, learn how to profit from it while helping others, and then use those profits to continue to bless yourself and the world.

I believe (and I bet you do, too) that, while business is about profits, it's also about purpose.

It’s about helping you see your deep connection to all of life, and your individual role on this grand planet (and yes, it IS a grand planet full of amazing souls – no matter what the media says – if you choose to see it that way).

It’s about having the certainty that you can and WILL succeed at your business and enjoy the fulfillment that is your divine birthright.

And even more than that, it’s about having the certainty that you (and the rest of the world) are right where you need to be.

That there is meaning behind all of it – your individual struggles as well as the struggles of humanity.

That we aren’t going to hell in a hand basket, individually or collectively.

As I said before, I’ve been pretty darn quiet lately, on social media and otherwise.

But I can’t be quiet any longer.

I’m stating my intention right now to allow the divine energy that created this entire universe to use me (and others) more fully as a channel for the message that everything is okay.

That we are loved, and that all is well, and that the ‘disasters’ we see around us are merely the illusion that we can somehow, in some way, become separated from this divine energy.

(I’m not denying reality here – I realize that tragedy happens and it hurts and it feels very real. I’m speaking from the perspective that there is something greater than humanity and its suffering, and that we are part of that something greater.)

On a practical level, I’m feeling called to work with more women in expressing their own unique messages in a more powerful way.

As I mentioned, I felt called to write this after speaking with one of my clients - because even though it doesn't seem to be related to manifesting the business you desire, it's actually inextricably related.

If you are spending any significant portion of your time (and by that I mean more than 10 minutes a day) scrolling through news articles and Facebook and what-have-you, worrying about what's going to happen next and feeling like the world isn't 'okay' the way it is right now. . .

Then you are doing yourself a disservice, and you're holding yourself back in your business (and life), guaranteed.

So if what I’m saying here is resonating with you, then the work I currently do with clients may be perfect for you, and I invite you to explore it fully and discover how your own unique life path fits in with exactly what is happening right NOW.

The way I see it, the present time can either be an extremely distressing time for each of us – or it can be a time of intense growth, expansion, and abundance in all areas of life.

(Just as every individual challenge you face holds either of those possibilities.)

I would be more than honored to help you create the latter possibility – for yourself and your loved ones.

(There are, of course, limited spots available for this work and, quite frankly, it’s not for everyone. It’s only for you if you’re truly serious about gaining certainty in yourself, your business, and your place in the world – and experiencing the success that comes with that.)

I didn’t write this, though, solely to direct the conversation to the work I do.

I wrote it for you if you’ve been feeling scared and small and like things are out of control in the world (or just in your world).

Please don’t give in to the illusion.

You are divine, and you are divinely connected.

And there is NO tragedy, or injustice, or political candidate that can separate you from your divine essence.

The divine essence – the source of ALL that is – has stuff handled.

(Don't believe me? Consider this: it's impossibly to truly believe in an omnipotent force, or source, or god, that is omnipotent except when it comes to terrorism, or gun violence, or rape, or bigotry, or any other injustice or oppression or tragedy. As in, “Yes, God, we trust you. But truthfully, we're really terrified that you can't handle it.”)

Yes, of course we have free will and are certainly called to act where we feel it is necessary to act.

However. . .

The worry, the fear, the buying-into-the-media-headlines stuff, and the belief that we have to ‘fix things’ that ‘shouldn’t’ be happening. . . please don’t do that.

Do what you feel called to do, yes.

Just don’t do it from the standpoint of right vs. wrong, or fixed vs. broken, or good vs. evil.

Do it from the knowledge that you’re here to play out your part in the grand game that is life – a game that started long before you got here, and that will continue for who-knows-how-long.

And do it with the intention to play out your part in alignment with the divine essence within you, instead of buying into the idea that your ego is all you are.

Take a deep breath, turn off the news, click away from Facebook, and tune into your own divine connection.

And wake up to the truth that everything is as it should be, and that everything is unfolding for our good, and that we are all okay.