How To Have Faith Even When Things Seem To Go "Wrong"

Have you ever noticed how cats don't worry?

For instance, the other morning at 5AM, an earthquake shook me awake (literally).

My cat, Percy, who was snuggled in bed beside me, yawned sleepily as I braced myself for possible disaster.

(Which, thankfully, did not occur.)

I started thinking about how this little furball spends almost all day, every day, curled up in various adorable poses, snoozing.

No matter what's going on in the world, he's at peace.

Yes, he requests his breakfast in the morning, and his dinner in the evening.

(And he's VERY persistent in his demands, lest I somehow forget to present him with his gustatory delights on time!).

But he doesn't pace the floor, wondering whether he'll actually get his next meal, or whether stock prices are going up or down, or whether he's "doing his purpose."

Now, of course it's silly to think of a cat worrying about any of those things.

Our feline friends are obviously on a different level of consciousness from humans.

But there's still a lesson to be learned about having "the faith of a cat."

Cats trust Nature to provide for their needs.

Humans? Well, we tend to think we have to be "in control" of everything or things will somehow fall apart.

Which is funny, considering that the MAIN way we fool ourselves into thinking we're "in control" is to fret and worry and obsess over things.

I mean, really, how much energy does the average human spend each day thinking about the past and trying to "redo" it in their mind. . .

. . . or worrying about the future and trying to mentally "prevent" something from happening?


And guess what?

This misplaced mental energy only seals in place situations we don't want.

It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle, because by sending out the thought-emotion vibration of regret, guilt, anxiety, fear, etc. . .

(And yes - as a living, breathing, pulsating pattern of energy co-existing in a universe made up entirely of energy, you DO send out "thought-emotion vibrations". . .)

. . . you simply draw into your life more experiences that will produce regret, guilt, anxiety, fear, etc.

And then, you feel like you've "proved" something along the lines of:

"Nothing ever works out for me."

Which means you'll just worry more the next time you feel like things aren't working out.

And get the same results.

And on it goes.


There's a way out of this cycle.

It's called "faith" and it has nothing to do with religion.

It's not about believing in some outside deity and asking it (or her, or him, or them) to bring you some special gift in reward for your devotion to them.

It's about consciously aligning yourself with universal law which, to put it really simply, operates like this:

"You get out of the system what you put into it."

(Or, "You reap what you sow.")

If you project fear, worry, anxiety, regret, guilt, and other negative emotions into the universe - you'll experience events and circumstances that will generate more of those unpleasant feelings.

It's really that simple.

Even though it can seem like it just has to be more complicated than that - it's not.

Think of it like this: if you want to grow lettuce in your garden, you wouldn't plant dandelion seeds, would you? No, you'd plant lettuce seeds.

Similarly, if you want to receive experiences in life that bring you joy, harmony, peace, creativity, prosperity, and fulfillment. . .

Then "plant" those thought-emotion vibrations into universal substance.

And when you've planted them, feed and water them with faith instead of constantly digging them up to check on their progress (the same way you wouldn't dig up lettuce seeds if you ever expected a head of lettuce to emerge from the soil!).

Take a cue from a cat: you can rest in the faith that Nature (Life, Source, God, the Universe, Divine Intelligence) provides.

When you do rest in that faith, you're consciously aligning yourself with all the good that Life has to offer you.

It literally can't not bring you the desires of your heart.

It's universal law - perfect and unfailing.

If you doubt this is true, then try dropping the doubt (truly dropping it) and prove that doubt to be misguided. ;-)

As simple as universal law is, it's not always easy to practice, especially when there's an "earthquake" - i.e., it looks like things are going wrong.

That's exactly the time when faith is most needed, though.

So, when things appear to be going wrong, double-down on your cat-like faith.

Trust in the Universe to provide for you, and it will.

Yes, it's REALLY that simple.

Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be (a topic for another post).

I know (because I've had my share of Dark Night Of The Soul moments) that this is an extraordinary ask of most of us mortals.

I also know from first-hand experience that it's this kind of faith that brings the most extraordinary rewards.

Winston Churchill has been quoted as saying, "When you're going through hell, keep going," and to that I'd add, ". . . and remind yourself you're not actually in hell."

Refuse to look at the circumstances that surround you to inform you of what's true.

Instead, settle in and have faith that all is well, even if (especially if) the walls shake and the ground shifts underneath you.

And remember, YOU create your reality, so stop settling for "good enough" and start giving yourself what you really want.