How To Give Yourself A Raise In Your Business

A couple of months ago, I took on a new client who had a remarkable list of life achievements already under her belt.

Ana Micka has enjoyed a 25+ year career as a social entrepreneur, accomplishing such things as raising over $20MM in funds, launching 4 national organizations for social change, building client & constituent lists over 100,000 strong, and a lot more.

So why am I writing to you about her?

Because her latest project is a tool that can help YOU give yourself a raise in your business.

She developed it while we worked together over about 6 weeks' time, and when I saw what she'd created, I got so excited I HAD to share it with you.

Ana's proprietary Profit Acceleration approach was behind key accomplishments of hers like:

  • Raising $700,000 in six months for a brand-new political candidate who'd never raised a dime before
  • Bringing in over $10 million that was key to electing 6 women to Congress
  • Launching two national organizations dedicated to natural health and organic agriculture, and growing their income and membership base well into the hundreds-of-thousands

In other words, Ana knows what she's doing.

And now, she's brilliantly distilled her Profit Acceleration approach into a tool that ANY business owner can use to grow her income while having a bigger impact on the world.

I'll let Ana tell you about it in her own words, because I interviewed her recently about how the product came to be and how it can help you. I think you will LOVE what she created. 

One of the biggest challenges most entrepreneurs face is lack of consistent cash flow. And this tool will help you solve that problem.

Listen in to find out what it's all about and how it can help YOU: 

Best of all, because Ana's new product just hit the market, it's ridiculously affordable at the moment. Go here to see what I mean.

Or you can try a free starter kit by going to Ana's website.

I recommend you check this out right away, though, because I predict it will become the next 'must have' tool for entrepreneurs.

Oh, and. . . you may have noticed that I really don't 'promote' stuff on Ye Olde Blogge. So this is a bit of an unusual post for me. 

And you should know: those links above are NOT affiliate links. I'm not making a dime from Ana's product.

I just really wanted you to see what Ana was up to, because she is a purpose-driven entrepreneur and her product is truly remarkable.

Enjoy! :)

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