Getting Out Of Overwhelm (Part 1 of 3): Surrender To Reality

If you’ve ever struggled with the idea that there is always too much to do and too little time to do it, I've got a simple question for ya:

What is your belief about how life “should” be?

(Not how you WISH it were, but how it should be based on your observation of reality.)

Do you believe that life should be easy, carefree, and filled only with fun activities that you love doing?

Or perhaps only made up of exciting, dramatic, sweeping moments like you see in the movies?

I’m guessing that your honest answer is “no”.

You’re smart enough to realize that life is made up mostly of minutiae and maintenance, with bits of majesty and splendor mixed in here and there.

The fact is, all six and half billion of us on this planet have daily chores or activities to do that aren’t terribly glamorous (going to the bathroom certainly tops the list).

However, those chores and activities are necessary and life sustaining.

For example, what would happen if we said, “You know what – I don’t have to time for this going-to-the-bathroom business anymore; it’s just too much trouble. . .”?

Right. I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to answer that.

The fact is, your life will never be without at least some less-than-glamorous activities.

And that’s perfectly okay. Your daily chores and routine activities are far from trivial.

They’re the stuff of life, and they matter.

You see, life is made up of a series of moments.

Constantly placing an inner value judgment on some of those moments, while gritting our teeth and struggling against (or merely trying to survive through) the rest, isn’t the way to lead a magical life.

On the other hand, realizing that all moments matter is the stuff of miracles.

Surrendering to the reality that ordinary moments are the fabric of life itself holds incredible power.

Here’s the thing: your mindset is as important to managing your time and productivity as any tool, tip, or technique you could possibly master.

In fact, it’s where you absolutely must start if you’re going to have any hope of getting out from under the weight of all that you have to accomplish in life.

Because when you’re stuck in thoughts of “Why is there always so much to do?” and “When will I ever be caught up?” you’re resisting the natural flow of life.

You’re resisting the tasks and events that make up the vast majority of your life – and all the energy that you could be using to get stuff done is instead being expended on resisting getting things done.

You know – a moment ago, I said that life was mostly minutiae with moments of majesty, but really. . .

The sweet spot in life is recognizing the majesty in the minutiae (yeah, it’s there!).

After all, if you’re going to have to do ordinary things with most of your time, shouldn’t you make them as extraordinary as possible?

So along that vein, tomorrow’s topic is a secret ninja move for enjoying household chores and boring activities.

Yes, even ninjas have chores.

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Helen Hunter Mackenzie