The REAL Truth About How To Successfully Market & Sell Your Product or Service (That The ‘Experts’ Don’t Want You To Know)

Rather listen than read? I gotcha covered:

Today I’m going to let you in on a big secret within the ‘expert’ industry that NO ONE wants to admit.

Because if they admitted it, then sales of their several-thousand-dollars-apiece programs, retreats, and seminars would dramatically decrease.

Yep, if they admitted this ONE secret, they’d never be able to promise they could show you, step by step, how to make the same millions they’re making.

So, what is this big secret?

(And why am I sharing it?)

Well, first of all—I’ll dish the WHY.

I’m telling the secret because I can’t not.

For the past several years (prolly 7 and counting. . .) I’ve watched expert after expert hawk program after expensive program. . .

I’ve even watched them hawk the lower-end programs that are basically designed to get you all squished into their ‘funnel’ along with all the other people who have just unwittingly forked over $27, $47, or $97 to be upsold.

And one day recently, I woke up and just thought, No more. I’m DONE watching this happen.

I mean, it’s still gonna happen, I get it. But I’m going to do my part to make it happen as little as possible on my watch.

*Adjusts binoculars and scans area*

So. . . what is this big secret that no one wants to admit?

‘Tis this:

When selling a product or service, no one ever really knows EXACTLY what's going to work.

Not 100% of the time, anyway.

Now before you think I’m a Negative Nelly here, I’ll explain in a moment why this is not only NOT a problem—but is actually a good thing.

First of all, this is not just something I’m pulling out of thin air.

Some of my mentors are the best copywriters (and marketers) EVER.

I'm talking about people you may never have heard of because they’re not ‘internet celebrities’. . .

But who are quietly making millions writing world-class copy for themselves and their clients.

And even though they hit it out of the ballpark far more times than they flop. . . they still flop every now and then.

And they have no problem admitting it. Because? Well, again—because they’re not internet celebrities.

Which means they’re not selling 4-figure products that promise to transform your life overnight.

They’re selling their CRAFT. Which is just what marketing is (more on that in a minute).

And what any of these guys’ll tell you?

There is no such thing as a 'foolproof formula' for success.

Meaning, there's no ONE way that you can 'figure it out' once and for all and start making sales, over and over again, with 100% success, for ever and ever, amen.

After all, as our pal Sir Winston Churchill put it quite simply:

And you can tweet him on that!

Which is, quite frankly, GREAT news.


Because it means that there's tons of room for experimentation. . . 

For creating what never existed before. . . 

For exploring the art and craft of communicating with your prospects.

And that's the key.

Marketing, as I said, is a craft. 

An ART, even.

And, just as all works of art are not equally appreciated by all. . . well, all works of marketing communication are also not equally appreciated by all.

Even your standard blog post fare is hit-or-miss.

For instance, there are those who will read THIS post and go, Yes! This is just what I needed to hear right now!

While others won't read it at all.

And still others'll go, Meh. Nothing new here.

And here's the important thing.

If I spent my life trying to create content that is SURE to force those non-readers to read, or those Meh responders to go Hell yeah!. . . I'd not only drive myself bonkers, but I’d never put ANYTHING out into the world.

I can’t possibly please 100% of the population, 100% of the time.

And neither can you.

(Hey, there are plenty of people walking around mad at GOD—and if God can’t get a steady across-the-world fan base, why should we think we can?)

So rather than wait to create a perfect masterpiece of a blog post, or sales letter, or email, here’s what to do instead.

Get your art out into the world so that others can actually benefit from it.

And then do it again, and again, and again.

What this looks like when you’re marketing something? Is talking about it THIS way, and then if that doesn’t work, talking about it ANOTHER way. . .

Or tweaking your offer this way and that way.

And so on, and so on. . .

Until you’ve hit upon the offer and the message your ideal customer most needs.

What I see most entrepreneurs do? Give up, after slapping up a sales page and sending out a couple of emails or social media posts.

(“I guess nobody wanted this. . .”)

NO! We don’t give up! 

And we don’t take it personally either, trooper.

If people aren’t buying what you’re sellin’ it has nothing to do with YOU and everything to do with the fact that the customer is either not in the market right now for what you have to offer (for any number of reasons). . .

Or you simply haven’t sold her yet.

You haven’t, while practicing your ART, hit upon just the right offer and message that will help her see that you have just what she needs.

And just for good measure. . .

Let’s imagine for a moment there WAS one formula for success, forever and ever.

That there was a magical combination of words on a page, or a social media strategy, or a particular advertisement that would pull in 100% of its readers, all the time, without fail.

Well then, everyone would use it. And we’d all be just the same.

And as the villain Syndrome said in The Incredibles: And when everyone’s super? NO ONE WILL BE.

See, your superpowers—your ability to communicate with your customers using the words only YOU can use, creating offers only YOU can create. . .

Those superpowers are yours alone.

I can’t copy you (even if I try to imitate you).

And your ideal customer is looking for YOUR one-of-a-kind way of interacting with her.

So let’s review, shall we?

‘Cause I want you to walk away from this post with a useful piece of wisdom you can remember long after you’ve read it, listened to it, or shared it with your friends.

So. The big ol’ secret?

There’s no ONE marketing formula that works every single time.

And what do with that information?

Keep sharing what ya got. Again and again. And again.

Don’t ever give up, and don’t take it personally if they don’t buy right away.

Just keep swimming (oops, I’m on a Disney/Pixar kick today, evidently). . .

Er—just keep tweaking it, until you hit upon the right message for your ideal customer.

And, bonus tip: when you get help (‘cause we all need mentors, guides, and coaches at some point) seek it from those who are in the trenches alongside you, NOT those who are in the infotainment business.

(Because as I’ve mentioned before—and I’ll talk again about this—there are plenty of OTHER secrets those guys and dolls aren’t sharing.)

Alrighty then, I’m over and out for today.

Please don’t forget to share this with anyone else who might need a little bit of truth-tellin’ today (someone who may have their trigger finger over a ‘Buy Now’ button on one of those $97 upsell products at this VERY moment).

And I'll 'see' you next time.