Beware The Serpent (Or, Why You Should Keep Going Even When You Don't Feel Like It)

I was working away at my computer this morning, writing and designing and researching and feeling particularly brilliant.

(I’ve been re-vamping my biz and this time around it’s going to be the Most. Fun. Ever.)

I paused for a moment, all happy and delighted, and thought, “This shit is really good! I can’t believe how creative I feel and how productive I am right now…”

And as soon as that happened, I started fidgeting in my chair and thinking things like,

  • What’s happening on Facebook?

  • I need to finish writing that email

  • Those files need to be organized

  • This reminds me of that book… what was the name of that book? Better check Amazon…

  • The laundry’s probably done, better go get it

  • Oh crap, where’d I put that receipt?

  • What was that other website that I was looking at yesterday?

And I realized something important.

What I am working on could truly be life-changing… to me and to the people whose lives I will be blessed to touch.

And this is coming on the heels of some really… ahem, ‘interesting’ experiences over the past year or so.

Experiences in self-sabotage.

Experiences in self-loathing.

Experiences in self-loving. Other-loving. Other-pushing-away. And everything in between.

(No, I’m not on medication and I don’t need any! This is life, peeps.)

But this morning, I realized something so crucial to my happiness and fulfillment in life, I had to share it with you.

Because it’s the key to your happiness and fulfillment too.

Here’s the thing. Whoever you are, whatever you want to create in the world – whether a relationship, a work of art, a business, a child, or an ideal life – I guarantee you will run up against a little thing called Resistance.

I’m borrowing the term from Steven Pressfield, but it’s been mentioned by countless others. In fact, it dates back to the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

The battle between Good and Evil.

The inner conflict between your lizard brain and your higher self.

And its primary job is to tell you that you have much more important things to do than actually make your mark on this world.

Such as dishes. Or organizing your sock drawer.

When I was first introduced to this concept I thought, Why on earth would we NOT do our most important work? It didn’t make any sense to me. And I hate when things don’t make sense.

But as I examined it some more, it occurred to me that Resistance makes a lot of sense from the ego’s perspective.

In fact, from the ego’s perspective, Resistance is doing us a huge favor. It’s helping us avoid all sorts of fear-inducing situations.

See, I believe Resistance’s main job is to let you know that, should you choose to do something really amazing and important in the world, one or more of the following things will happen: 

  • Your reason for living will pretty much be eliminated (if you fulfill your purpose, what are you still doing here?)

  • You’ll be expected to do more great things (and we all know that you’re a One Hit Wonder, sweetheart)

  • You will put your Great Work out there, your masterpiece, the thing you’ve toiled and sweated over and poured your heart into… and the world will be all, “Really? That’s kinda lame…” (because- hello! you don’t really have any talent!)

So Resistance, because it cares so very much about your safety (sweet-tongued serpent that it is) will tempt you back into its comfortable little burrow in the ground, where things are quiet and dark and you’re not expected to be excellent.

But here’s the thing.

Resistance is full of shit.

You are not going to die just because you create Great Work (but you might die with your Great Work still in you).

You are more than capable of handling success in any area of your life (relationships, career, finances) and building on it. Really.

And, even if you don’t succeed like you want to at first, and even if the entire world doesn’t love you or what you do (and really, not all of them will… get comfortable with it and move on) there is someone out there who needs what you have to offer. And who will love it. And whose life it will change for the better, forever.

Don’t you want to be responsible for making someone’s life better?

So instead of listening to Resistance, you can direct the conversation.

Instead of being pulled back underground, you can bust out into the sunshine, where yes, there is some chaos and yes, it is really fucking scary sometimes.

You can say, Thank you very much, Resistance. I appreciate your concern for my welfare. But I am not going to be okay denying my awesomeness anymore. I am not going to be okay shrinking from greatness. Yes, I realize there is some really funny crap on TV tonight, but I am not going to watch it until I have done something that will leave a legacy. I’m not folding the laundry until I’ve created something today. I’m not going to surf the Web until I’ve written my own blog post. I’m not going to go to the mall and shop for bling until I’ve created enough value in the world that the bling pretty much just dances right into my life. I am going to do what my Spirit is begging me to do, dammit!

Or something like that.

Because out here in the sunshine- where people need you and love you and depend on you (children, lovers, clients, friends, your grandma, the clerk at the store), and where things can get dicey and maddening and yet breathtakingly blissful- out here in the sunshine is where it’s at, baby.

That dark little hollow in the ground where Resistance lives?

Well, there might be a beer in the fridge and some good sitcoms on, but really- it’s got nothin’ for you.

So take control of the conversation with Resistance right now. Don’t be seduced by the serpent’s ssssweet tongue.

Believe in your greatness, and don’t let anyone, in any form, tell you any differently.

Go. Now. Do some great stuff.

And hey, if you feel like telling me about it, gimme a holla in the comments below or anywhere you can find me.