Are You Repelling Money? 5 Habits To Stop Right Now

Of all things in life, money seems to elude the vast majority of people.

(Like, oh. . . I dunno – around “99%” of the population?)

In other areas a good portion of us are doing at least okay. I mean, a LOT more than 1% of the population is in a happy relationship, or enjoying pretty good health, or liking the work they do pretty well, or feeling fairly fulfilled spiritually.

But with money, there’s this massive disparity. And I think it’s because most of what we’re taught in life is just plain ANTI-MONEY.

We’re taught in school to do things ‘right’ – color inside the lines, get the right answer, be quiet, sit still, learn at the same pace as everyone else. Not exactly the kind of habits that the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs demonstrate.

And those of us who explore a more ‘spiritual’ path (I’m using that term rather tongue-in-cheek here) are taught to spend more time intending and visualizing and getting into alignment. And while I’m ALL for intending and visualizing and getting into alignment – frankly, if that’s what you’re doing most of the time, you’re very likely not making much money.


No matter the reason, if you’re repelling money and you'd like to start attracting it instead, here are 5 habits I recommend you drop, like, today.

Money-repelling habit #1: Worrying about whether your work is ‘perfect’

The reason this habit is a money repellant is because, if you’re letting perfectionism rule your work, it’s a sure bet you’re spending too much time ‘preparing’ and not enough time PRODUCING.

I have been guilty of this habit myself many times in my life, and every time I’ve found myself stuck in it, the money spigot seems to just turn itself right off without my having to lift a finger.

Why? Because when you’re not producing, you become stagnant. From a ‘woo’ perspective (or, hey, even a scientific perspective), if your energy is stagnant, it’s not attracting anything new into your life, including money.

So if you’d like to attract ever-increasing amounts wealth into your life, you’ll need to ditch the habit of fretting over each potential creation of yours (whether it’s a simple report or an intricate painting) and just put it out there.

I’m not saying put shoddy work out there – I’m simply saying that it doesn’t need to be PERFECT.

Your rate of production is directly proportional to your income – and you can’t have a high production rate if you’re trapped in perfectionism.

Money-repelling habit #2: Refusing to invest in yourself

This one is almost the opposite of perfectionism.

When you don’t invest in yourself (whether for your health, business, emotional wellness, or any other area you want to improve) what you’re saying to Life is: “I’m not worth spending money on to operate at my best.”

And Life (which is impersonal and will reflect back whatever you’re projecting) goes, “Okay, I get it. You’re not worth being at your best. Therefore I’ll keep funds tight and you can operate at a level below what you’re actually capable of, in every area of your life.”

Harsh? Maybe. But it’s said with love and a sincere desire for you to see more abundance showing up in your life, if you so desire.

Another more succinct way of demonstrating the financial havoc this habit can wreak is to ask yourself the following:

“If I’m not investing in myself, how can I expect anyone else to invest in me?”

By the way, I'm talking specifically about INVESTING in yourself – not just spending. It took me a long time to figure out the difference, but I can tell you that the moment I began to invest in my future success (rather than just spending my money on new clothes and stuff), that success started showing up in the present.

Again, Life reflects back whatever you’re projecting. Don’t project the idea that you're not worth investing in!

Money-repelling habit #3: Letting Life be in charge instead of being in charge of Life

Well, okay, Life has a way of asserting itself over your wishes.


Life isn’t really in charge. I mean, it can serve up events, but YOU are in charge of how you respond to those events. And this is where 99% of the population gets stuck.

We think that we have no choice but to react to what’s going on in our lives. So we react in predictable ways; being upset when ‘upsetting’ events happen – being happy when ‘good’ events happen, and so on.

But that’s SO not a recipe for success (and money-getting). Because what happens when you let Life take charge and act like you’re a victim of circumstance?

Well, you will find plenty of opportunity to get derailed, sidetracked, upset, spun out. . . you name it. Every single day will present you with a new opportunity to obsess about anything but the Great Work you’re meant to do in the world.

(And I capitalize Great Work because I consider that phrase to be a personal pronoun – like, there’s a lady or gent named Great Work who’s trying to live itself through YOU.)

And obsessing about everything that happens in your life instead of doing the Great Work you’re meant to do = tumbleweeds in your bank account.

Money-repelling habit #4: Ditching your ego

What?!? How can I say this is a money-repelling habit? Isn’t it AWESOME to get rid of your ego and be all Zen-like and stuff?

Well, harboring attachment to anything the ego can drum up for you is a certain path to suffering. But actually HAVING an ego? That’s called being human.

Frankly, you need that ego to help you get off your arse and DO things in the world.

And believe me, I am sharing this habit because, for god’s sake, I have experienced this firsthand.

For years I was a compulsive shopper and was RULED by my ego. Then I had an epiphany in my late 30s and realized I was never going to own enough designer shoes to feel good about myself if, well. . . if I didn’t feel good about myself without designer shoes.

So I then went so far in the direction of egoless-ness that I began to basically stop giving a shit because, “It’s all an illusion, so nothing really matters anyway.”

Then, feeling that this new way of living could not POSSIBLY be right (because it felt. . . I don’t know. . . wrong) I had another epiphany. I realized, “Duh! We’re here on this planet for a reason!” And that the reason isn’t to become pure consciousness.

The reason we’re here is so that we can express Life through our physical bodies and our physical experience. And the ego is PART of that physical experience.

It’s the part that helps us rise to the occasion when things get tough – when we want to give up. The ego is standing there going, “Really? You’re gonna let him tell you that you can’t be successful at this business?” or, "You're really going to let her nasty comment keep you from giving another talk?" or, "Are you seriously gonna let that dessert stand between you and a 28 inch waist?" or. . . well, you get the idea.

Again, the only problem arises when we get all attached to what the ego tells us is important. The rest of the time we can actually think of the ego as helping us GET.SHIT.DONE.

And guess what? Getting shit done is a super money-magnet-y kinda habit.

Money-repelling habit #5: Letting yourself off the hook

This habit is, in my opinion, the most damaging not only to your finances, but also your self-esteem.

(And money is attracted to a healthy self-esteem, so this habit acts like a double-whammy!)

For the sake of this discussion, what I mean by ‘letting yourself off the hook’ is basically. . .

Giving up too easily.

Accepting second best instead of what you REALLY want.

Taking Easy Street when you could have merged onto the Challenge Freeway.

In other words, letting yourself get away with being anything less than the AWESOME human being that you truly are.

(I hope you really do realize how awesome you are. I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t think you were awesome enough to keep yourself ‘on the hook’ so you can get what you’re after in life!)

Letting yourself off the hook can be SO alluring. Because it’s highly encouraged in our society.

“Take a break!”
“You look like you need a drink.”
“Relax! You work too hard.”

And while I’m NOT suggesting that you work yourself into the ground and sacrifice your health, important relationships, and sanity. . . I am suggesting that, while the vast majority of us just don’t feel like doing the work that will get us from where we are to where we want to be, YOU can rise above that by expecting the best of yourself.

I think the whole ‘spiritual’ movement encouraging us to stare at our vision boards is so appealing because it’s much easier to park ourselves in front of a poster board plastered with photo clippings than to:

  • Write the email

  • Write the sales letter

  • ‘Ship’ the product

  • Call the potential client or employer

  • Pitch the idea

  • Ask for the sale

  • Give the talk

Yes, it’s way easier to skip all that and take a delicious dive into our Netflix queue and a large bowl of buttered popcorn.

There’s nothing wrong with Netflix and popcorn, but if you find yourself choosing it over doing all of the above, time and again. . . well, my loving smack-down for you today is to get started on the important stuff.

Because money is not attracted to someone with butter stains on her t-shirt and Walter White’s yellow jumpsuit reflected in her eyeballs in the dim midnight light.

(I mean, y'know. . . not night after night. Bingeing occasionally is, yes, almost required.)

The bottom line is this: you are WAY too talented and brilliant to be letting yourself off the hook for your real dreams.

And if anyone tells you that you should settle – that it’s OKAY if you don’t get what you really want – well, I believe that person has some skin in that game (like, maybe they’re selling you a get rich quick program or a vision board package?).


I can tell you that of all these money-repelling habits, this last one is probably the most important to ditch, and I mean NOW. I’ll put it this way: you know in your heart you’re never going to be fully satisfied if you decide to give up on reaching your biggest dreams.

You KNOW it.

And guess what? Money knows it too. That’s why it doesn’t hang around when it can see that you’ve given up on yourself.

Hear me loud and clear: I’m NOT encouraging burnout. But we humans are capable of a whole lot more than we give ourselves credit for.  And I’m encouraging you to explore what you’re really made of.

So that’s it, buttercup.

(I have never called anyone buttercup in my life. I must be feeling cheeky.)

Drop these 5 habits like a can of chemical-laced "Off!" and you’ll find yourself attracting a welcome swarm of money into your life – no ‘Law of Attraction’ this-doesn’t-actually-work-why-am-I-wasting-my-time-on-it techniques required.

One more thing: if you found that you’ve been practicing one or more of these habits, don’t beat yourself up over it. In fact, don’t waste a single precious moment thinking, “Oh crap, I do that!” or whatever.

Just become aware of it, and decide to shift it. And by ‘decide’ I mean, give yourself the pure unadulterated joy of following through with what you KNOW in your heart to be the right course of action.

Here's to your wildly profitable success.