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What Does It Mean To Be Okay? (On Illness And Mortality)

. . .

I have to tell you that this shouldn’t be happening to you, and that the perpetrator (whether an ex-boyfriend, an employer, another friend, or a cancerous tumor) is a shithead.

I have to sit with you and ‘hope’ that things get better.

And yet.

And yet, as much as I’d like to hold onto hope, it’s a punctured raft in the middle of the Atlantic. 

You can cling to it desperately, until...

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The Inevitability Of Karma And The Power Of De-Writing Your Story

. . .

Anyway, I started thinking about what MY life would look like if someone wrote a story about it.

And after popping a Zoloft…


So, okay- maybe I can’t say that my life is the stuff of a page-turning action novel.

But here’s the thing.

It’s been a grand adventure so far.

Really and truly.

And I wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s. It’s exactly the life I‘ve needed to live in order to become the...

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My (Deeply Personal + Probably Overly Raw) Story Of How I Cured Myself Of Road Rage + Transformed My Life

. . .

I sat with that concept for awhile, and yep, I could buy that. In fact, I could see that I had an issue with someone being ‘in my way’, or impinging on my freedom.

But I couldn’t figure out how to do anything about it.

A car would cut me off in traffic, and I would try to remind myself, You’re just pissed because you don’t want anyone to get in your way, Helen.

But then I would answer myself back, Damn right I’m pissed! Get out of my way, asshole!

Clearly, something had...

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Hoping For A Better Life? Here's Who Has The Answer

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There’s nothing wrong with self-exploration and a desire to further your own personal growth.

But when the quest for personal evolution becomes another form of consumerism (I believe Deepak Chopra called it ‘spiritual materialism’), it’s really no different from whiling away your days at the shopping mall.

(Not that whiling away a day at the shopping mall every now and then is all bad…)

But in the interest of protecting both your...

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What A Sex Toy Taught Me About Clicking My Heels And Returning To The Present Moment

. . .

Do you?

Do you want to settle for half-living under the illusion that it’s okay to not tell the truth about what you really feel, what you really fear, and what you really want?

Are you content to limp when you could sprint?

Maybe you are. Maybe it’s okay for you to...

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The F-Word, 21 Million Minutes Of Your Life, And How To Amp Up Your 'Creational Vibration'

. . .

But sometimes a strategy or two can help (as it did for me this morning when my ego kept whispering the ‘F” word in my ear).

This one worked like a charm for me, and it can do the same for you. The best part was that it only took about 5 minutes.

So here’s what I want you to do. Choose...

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