Lay Off The Junk Food (It's Not Good For Business)

I’m working on some pretty exciting projects right now, but they’re a bit labor intensive.

Write this, edit that, place this copy here and then go back and check to see that it gels with what you wrote over there, and you’re not repeating yourself…

At the same time, I’m evaluating getting more help in my business.

And by ‘evaluating’, I mean ‘procrastinating about making a decision due to minor control issues’.

(Honesty prevails!)

But, for realz… I just had this thought I wanted to share with you.

I’ve said it before at least once, but it bears repeating with a new metaphor attached to it.

There’s this phenomenon, when we’re up to great things. . . when our excellence is being called into being. . . when we sense something really- um. . . spiffy is about to come out of our corner of the world.

Right when we’ve reached creative nirvana, swathed in Divine Brilliance. . .

We start checking email. And Facebook. And Twitter. And then that other email account again. And our calendar. And the sink, for dirty dishes. And our fingernails, for trimming.

It’s like eating junk food mindlessly instead of fixing yourself a proper meal!

Thing is, you know that proper meal will sustain your health, leave you looking hot, and let you sleep soundly at night.

(Funny - excellent business projects can do the same thing!)

But the junk food is so. . . handy.

Rip open a bag of chips and, PRESTO! You’ve got an instant ‘meal’.

Pop open that email window, Facebook feed, or blog post (if you’re reading this, you’re busted) and, WHAMMO! Instant feeling of ‘productivity’.

So today, right now, this moment— I’d like to encourage you to stop reading this blog (and all the other things you have open in your browser right now) and get back to that excellent work you were creating in the world.

We’ll be here when your hot, healthy, and well-rested self comes back, I promise.