Does This Blog Make My Butt Look Fat? (Or, How To Get Over Your Ego In Your Business)

Alright, let me start by saying, YES, it’s been nearly three months since I’ve posted here.

Bon bons have been consumed.

Good nights’ sleeps have been slept.

Desk lamps have been extinguished while there was still work to be done.

And you know what?

The work will never be ‘done’. And that’s okay.

Lately I’ve been toying with the notion that we humans work too fucking hard.

(‘Scuse my French here… but seriously.)

When I sit on my patio at sunset and watch the trees, and also (this may sound whack) when I talk with them— I notice something important.

The trees are all, Dude, you should totally check out the view from up here and Man, is that a killer breeze.

I swear,  I can see them smile, while their limbs dance to the tribal tune of a wind that begins and ends at the edge of the Universe itself.

And if I’m feeling stressed, or sad, or fearful, or any of the other human emotions I may experience on a given day, the trees are like,

Why be worried when there is so much freakin’ beauty in this world?

And so…

So this Type A overachiever has been relaxing a bit.

It’s kinda counterintuitive, when you consider that we entrepreneurs are supposed to be hustling our asses off 24/7.

I like being counterintuitive though. More on that later.

And back to the REAL reason for this post.

I’ve said before that I don’t write unless I have something useful to contribute.

(There is SO much superfluous word clutter on the interwebs purely in the name of ‘posting consistently’).

So why does it matter to YOU that I haven’t posted in nearly three months?

Well- there’s an ego thing involved (you may be able to relate) when you have a blog, and folks enjoy your blog, and they even indicate their enjoyment by clicking various buttons and sharing your content.

And no matter how ‘evolved’ one is, it’s always fun to see people loving the shit outta your shit.

But recently I ran into a li’l snafu.

And combined with the whole I-haven’t-posted-in-awhile thing, it tripped me up.

As in, This is gonna make me look bad.

Yup, my good friend Ego paid me a visit.

See, I have a certain block of code inserted into my site.

And that code makes the buttons show up in the upper left hand corner of my posts that let you know you might wanna share content (‘cause, ya know, All the cool kids are doing it).

And when I recently tweaked the design of my website (I swear, I didn't do THAT much to it!)…  a ton of the previous ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ and tweets got obliterated.

What I mean is, many tens of people (yeah, it’s not in the hundreds or thousands, but it IS in the tens, dammit!) shared and liked my content…

But a bunch of that sharing randomly disappeared with one swift change of design templates on my website.

Overnight, my bustling blog became a ghost town.

(Can you see the tumbleweeds?)

When I discovered this disheartening fact, I contacted my web host, who are totally lovely and wanted to help as much as they could. However, they were not able to work magic.

I’ve since learned that there are bugs in the code-y thing (what code-y thing doesn’t have bugs?) and it’s maybe something I could have a programmer fix, but maybe not.

Considering I already paid a programmer to insert the code, and considering a few keystrokes obliterated it, I’m not super inclined to repeat the scenario.

But… why am I yammering on about this?

Because if you are running a business online (and I hope you are, or are at least taking your offline presence online)…

You Will. Run. Into. Obstacles. Guaranteed. 

Yep, you’ll run into crap that drives you nuts. Makes you want to throw your computer out the window. Or makes you think you’re going to ‘look bad’ publicly.

It may be something sorta within your control (like a silly typo or a mis-phrased something-or-other that gets people’s panties in a bunch), or it may be something entirely out of your control.

It might be that you get spammed, or hacked, or phished, and your site gets closed down completely and you’re freaking out because Ohmigod how the hell am I going to run my online business without a website?

Or it might just be that your browser is so freaking slow that you can take a shower, trim your toenails, and get a Starbucks down the street before that little pinwheel (Apple aficionado alert!) disappears from your screen.

You might even get a hater or two.

(You know, those people everyone loves to hate, ‘cause they hate you. So… you rally your friends around and collectively hate ‘em back.)

(I am personally not a fan of this practice. I choose to love haters, ‘specially since they are human beings like me and if I hate them, then I hate myself + multiply the hate.).


It doesn’t matter how it manifests.

What matters is what you do with it.

So in the case of this incident, I talked with a couple of friends about it, got some advice, and then went within.

You know… into that deep, abiding, all-knowing place that talks to me in Tree.

And my Tree-talking voice said to me, Let it go, Helen.

If you’ve been around me for any length of time, you know that I believe everything happens for a reason.

And this is no exception.

So… I have a nugget of wisdom I’d like to impart.

It was gifted to me by a former boss. A woman who, in my corporate career, meant probably the most to me, ever.

She was strong, brilliant, classy, hot, and… she really knew how to relax.

(While rakin’ in the dolla bills, yo.)

What she told me, during a particularly brutal performance evaluation (I deserved it— I was an overpaid, under-contributing twenty-something interested primarily in my paycheck and the perks) was,

Helen, you’re an incredibly bright young woman, but what I’ve observed is that, when you run into difficulty… when you aren’t sure what to do next, you do nothing at all. I want to encourage you to push through the difficulty. Instead of backing out, just push through it.

You may think that overly simplistic advice.

I certainly did at the time.

Until I ran into my next difficulty, and heard her voice.

Over the years, listening to that wisdom helped me become a great success in the corporate world.

But I also heard it in the delivery room, when I was about to literally ‘push through’ the difficulty of bringing new life into this world.

And I heard it a few weeks ago when I realized, The online ‘real estate’ I’ve been investing in has lost a ton of value overnight.

What would my mentor do if she were in my shoes?

I think she’d push through.

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

*Revs up writing engine*

Now, if you see a post here you like (this one, perhaps) and you feel moved to share, tweet, or ‘like’ it… hey, don’t let me stop you!

But more importantly (and this is really important), if you see something that speaks to your heart the way my former boss’ words spoke to me… please let those words come alive within you.

Put them to good use.

After all, I believe each of us is an expression of Universal wisdom, so when we hear, read, or see something that resonates, it’s because the Universe wanted to share it with us at that moment.

Even better, pay it forward.

Share your wisdom with us, without ego, without hoping for a bunch of ‘likes’ or shares or tweets… just offer us what we need to hear.

We’re all ears.