The World Is In Need Of Random Acts Of Forgiveness (And You Can Help)

Practice random acts of forgiveness.

On the road.

My wife’s having a baby and I need to get to the hospital!

At the supermarket.

I feel like my life is falling apart and I’m not paying attention as I push my cart in front of you.

When your neighbor’s music is too loud.

When I play my music like this, I feel ALIVE with the rhythm of the earth.

When you think you did a stupid thing.

I’m… human.

When your child is cranky.

Mom, Dad… I’m human.

Or your airplane seat is being kicked by the child behind you.

My best friend’s just been diagnosed with cancer- we’re flying out to see her- and I’m so distracted I don’t realize my daughter is kicking the seat.

When the waiter is indifferent.

I’ve had so many demanding customers today, I just don’t feel like I can muster a smile anymore.

And your wait at the doctor’s office is inordinate.

I needed to spend some extra time with the patient before you- she was really scared about her diagnosis.

When your partner seems distant.

Sometimes I worry that I’m not good enough for you.

Think of a time when you were thoughtless- when you hurt someone without meaning to.

You only need to think of one example.

Think of a time when you were forgiven.

When someone graciously, honestly, authentically… looked you in the eye and said, I forgive you.

You only need to think of one example.

Think of a time when you wished you'd been forgiven.

How does it feel to be locked out of heaven?

Forgive him for not forgiving you. Forgive her for not forgiving you.

Heaven opens. . .

Forgive yourself for not forgiving you.

How can you lose when you share love- the source of life itself?

We are all doing the best we can.

How could it be any different?

Asking why life is filled with challenging situations and people is like asking why the sky is blue.

It’s not good or bad that it’s blue.

It just is.

Life, too.

Whether you choose to see another - really SEE another - is up to you. But. . .

Forgiveness will set you free.

So practice it randomly.

Use it on everyone (including you).

It is a random act of forgiveness that will lead to a world of peace.