Why I Am Not A Shoe Designer (+ An Interview With Christian Louboutin)

I love wearing fabulous shoes. I mean, when I slip on a pair o’ shoes that make me feel hot + sexy, it changes my whole presence.

If I’m running around in a pair of flip-flops and yoga pants (which I also love), I feel sporty, comfortable and, frankly, NOT sexy. Which is fine + dandy for most days.

(I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the world can take Sexy Helen every day.)

But when I slide into a pair of hot, height-boosting, hip-slimming heels (oh yes, heels = instant 5-pound weight loss!). . . look out world. Helen is bringin’ sexy BACK.

(Yes, I am kidding.)

(Sort of.)

But why am I talking about fabulous heels?

Because they are a perfect example of how living from a place of passion can change people’s lives.

I never gave a whole lot of thought to what makes a great shoe designer tick, until I watched this interview with Christian Louboutin.

Clearly, this is a man possessed by passion.

And not only that, but he understands why he’s so passionate about what he does.

At the end of the interview, he tells the fashion director at Neiman Marcus that the reason women love shoes so much is because:

The woman is carrying her clothes, but it’s the shoe which carries the woman.

He understands the huge difference a relatively small part of a woman’s wardrobe can make in how she moves, how she carries herself, and how she feels.

And he’s passionate about creating that transformational experience for women through his designs.

Now, as much as I love shoes, I have no interest in designing them. I like watching Christian Louboutin talk about his passion for his designs, because I am fascinated by what makes people tick.

(My passion = finding out what makes you tick + helping you tick smoothly and with purpose, so you can rock out your bidness. I like helping you see a huge difference by implementing relatively small changes.)

If I decided to take up shoe design because I could potentially be good at it and maybe make money at it. . . well, I’m pretty sure the fashion director at Neiman Marcus wouldn’t be interviewing me.

My designs would likely end up in the clearance bin at Ross in no time flat.

Even though I understand and appreciate the experience of fabulous shoes, I don’t need or want to be on the ‘creational’ end of that particular product (yep, I used a made-up word again).

Here’s the takeway for you, no matter whether you’re a shoe designer, a writer, an entrepreneur, or a stay-at-home mom.

Do what you’re passionate about.

Yes, I know you’ve heard that a million times, but are you living it, every day? Do you keep saying that you’re ‘gonna get started’ on what you’re passionate about, as soon as you have time?

You realize, don’t you, that you will never find time? Time is a construct of a limited mind. We need it to make appointments and start classes and have lunch dates.

But when your dreams are at stake, lack of time is a thinly-veiled attempt on the part of your ego to keep you safe and comfortable.

I'm not kidding.

Do you what you’re passionate about. Right now.

And here’s what else.

When you’ve figured out what you’re passionate about (oh, and if you need help with that, I’m waiting in breathless anticipation to open up registration to The Firebrand Academy this Saturday so I can help you with just that), turn your passion around and look at it from the recipient’s point of view.

Take the time to understand how you can make a difference in other’s lives.

When thinking about what you offer to the world, ask yourself, How does the recipient of my work benefit?

An important key: I’m not simply referring to work you do ‘for pay’. I’m talking about every interaction you have with people.

How can ‘making dinner’ become ‘providing nourishment for my loved ones’?

How can ‘writing an email’ become ‘inspiring the recipient to take action or think about things in a new way’?

How can ‘designing a website’ become ‘creating a clean, clear space for my visitor to find valuable information?’

How can you infuse your passion into everything you do, and create a transformational experience for those who receive your work?

And lastly: how can you do it TODAY?

Let me know in the comments.