What Matthew McConaughey's Rockin' Bod Has To Do With Creativity

I once read where Matthew McConaughey, when asked about how he stays in such amazing physical shape, replied, “I sweat every day.”

(Phew… I got distracted for a minute there thinking about a sweaty Matthew McConaughey. But anyway.)

If a hot actor sweats every day in order to maintain his rockin’ bod, then any of us can have a rockin’ life if we make it a habit to create something every day.

This ‘something’ can be as simple as a beautiful meal, a clean kitchen, a loving feeling between you and someone else— or it can be as complex as a piece of music, a work of art, a book, a product, or an entire business.

(I’m not suggesting you can create an entire business in a day, of course. But you can start in a day.)

Yep, all this shrouded-in-mystery, must-be-in-her-DNA-and-not-mine ‘creation habit’ really needs… is for you to start.

That’s it.

Just start.

And then keep starting. Pretty soon you’ll find that what you’ve created goes far beyond what you could have imagined when you began.

That it takes on a life of its own, even— seemingly producing things out of thin air.

It’s like magic.

Or compound interest.

Or those Mr. Clean scuff-removing sponge thingies.

Yes, just as Mr. Clean turns that wall next to the shoe pile back to its original eye-popping shade of Navajo White…

  • The loving feeling you created between you and your partner becomes a beautiful child…
  • The meal you prepared becomes health, vitality, and yes- hotness
  • The music you wrote becomes someone’s theme song for life…
  • The product you created saves a life.

I really can’t explain the mystery of miracle manifestation that follows from creating regularly, but I don’t have to— because if you try it, you will see for yourself.

If you try it for at least 30 days, you’ll end up with the personal, business, and/or artistic equivalent of Mr. McConaughey’s six-pack abs, I guarantee.

Go forth now, and try it.

What have you got to lose— a flabby self-image?

Let me know how it goes.