The ONE Thing Hampering Your Success (Or, How To Stop Chasing Your Tail)

Lizard brain.


People have named it different things.

Name it whatever you like, but here is a breakdown of the phenomenon that occurs every time you try to create something, whether a business, a career, a work of art, a relationship, or an entire life.

The Setup

Whether or not you’re aware of it, some part of you believes that there will be some magical place in the future when you’ll get your shit together and have everything figured out and be wildly successful and have loads of cash and encounter no more running-up-against-your-own-stubbornness-or-fear-or-confusion crap.

Unicorns live there. Fairies too.

The Reality

That day will never come.


Yes, you’ll be wildly successful, sure.

Loads of cash? Definite possibility if you hustle.

No more troubles? No more struggles? Nothing left to figure out?

Absolutely out of the question. (And snooze-tastic as hell, if you ask me.)

The Truth

There will always be a fierce monster lurking behind every door of opportunity you choose to open.

(. . . and the truth shall set you free.)

Here’s an idea: depend on it. Plan for it.

And, a hint: the monster doesn’t need to be defeated so much as it needs a hug and to know it’s part of the family.

Fighting the Resistance is like chasing your own tail. Exhausting, neverending, fruitless. Entertaining to onlookers.



Invite it to tea. Or cocktails if that’s more your gig.

And keep moving.

You’re the one we’ve been waiting for. (wink)