official Bio

Helen Hunter Mackenzie is a transformational writer, teacher, and spiritual mentor.

Through her group and one-on-one mentoring programs, she helps clients identify and transcend obstacles to success, happiness, fulfillment, and abundance, in business and life - so they can show up as the leader of their lives and create a reality they truly want.

After 20+ years managing global clinical research initiatives for medical technology startups, in 2012 she left the corporate world to launch her own business helping women craft unique messages to promote their heart-based brands.

From there, she went on to create and teach several popular online programs on both marketing and spiritual & personal development. She also founded and runs Centerpoint, a digital copywriting agency, which supports sophisticated, world-changing businesses and brands by voicing clear, intelligent, results-getting messages for their marketing campaigns, websites, and other collateral.

She has created marketing campaigns and written copy for clients in fields ranging from health and wellness, to clothing design, to integrated healthcare space design, to personal development, and more.

Dubbed a "modern day Joseph Campbell with a twist" and "wicked smart, and a wee bit odd & quirky" for her unique approach to guiding others to self-realization, Helen's teaching, mentoring, and writing have impacted thousands around the globe.

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