“I’m going to work this every day because it’s so brilliant and helpful.”

"I've been loving the STEER map I did it before I went on a webinar today, and I really aligned with the energy of my Soul Mates.

Helen, it was the most amazing webinar. People interacted. I got so many emails and thank yous afterward. I also booked 10 consults — 55 people showed up live and 20% said yes to have a conversation with me. I am going to meet so many cool people in the next couple of weeks. I love that energy!

I'm going to work this STEER process every day because it's so brilliant and helpful."

- Michelle Mazur

“I have done a lot of work over the past few years that might seem similar - but nothing has landed for me in the way this has.”

"I'm reaching out to say thank you for the incredible value the Rise Up Retreat has been for me so far!

As you've said, the information may be available "out there" in other ways - and believe me I have done a lot of work over the past few years that might seem similar - but nothing has landed for me in the way this has.

Your approach, structure, and language feels more accessible and less overwhelming, and that goes a looong way. I am methodically working through all the pieces, and have been inspired to jump into the numbers (which, quite honestly, is new for me).

Many thanks for your generous work."

- Natanya Lara

“A unique, potent mix of strategy and spirituality which results in true transformation.”

“Working with Helen has changed my life and business in ways I didn't expect and hadn't experienced before. I've worked with amazing mentors and teachers, both business and spiritual, for over two decades — and I've taken way too many programs to count — but NOBODY does it like Helen!

Seriously, she brings a unique, potent mix of strategy and spirituality which results in true transformation - lasting changes, not short-term shifts, then back to the old normal way of being and doing. 

Working on inner beliefs and mindset, together with the outer strategy and goals, allowed me to move forward into action with ease, transcending blocks and limitations inside and out. So many missing pieces fell into place through Helen's work and tools. I came away with new plans, with clarity, confidence, peace, renewed enthusiasm for my work and for what I really WANT instead of what I'd been settling for. 

Helen creates a safe, supportive space and shares her wisdom and expertise from a different perspective than I've ever heard before. She's held me to my highest always and believed in me, even when I didn't fully believe in myself. She's funny, kind, wise, warm and oh so generous, with a special fierce, gentle, rare level of commitment to her students' success.”

- Diane Johnston

"EVERYONE who visits my website wants to know who wrote this amazing copy."

“Helen helped me put the practice -- and the magic -- of what I do into compelling words that make prospective clients get excited about working with me. I know this, because they've told me so!

I'm so thrilled at what she's created for me, and even more thrilled that EVERYONE who visits my website wants to know who the heck wrote this amazing copy. I feel like I'm wearing a pair of limited-edition Louboutins that everyone at the party is drooling over.

Plus, Helen is a joy to work with: funny, deeply empathetic (she really "gets" what's going on in my customer's head), and just a genuine, down-to-earth lady. If you have a chance to book her, do it without hesitation!”

- Debbie Moore-Johnston

"I now have a cohesive brand message to share with potential clients."

“Helen showed up in my life just as I was deciding to take my business in a slightly different direction. Her clarity and insight as a marketing & branding strategist enabled me to launch this new focus with style and intention.

Helen was brilliant at clarifying the concepts I presented to her and helping me distill them into the best expression of what I do, so that I now have a cohesive brand message to share with potential clients. 

Plus, she’s a whole lot of fun to work with!”

- Carole Hyder

"If you feel like you're shouting your message at the top of your lungs – inside a soundproof box – work with Helen now."

“When I found Helen, I had just come through a fairly intense year rethinking my business, getting really clear on who I wanted to serve and what only I could bring to the table for them.

But I couldn’t find the language to communicate any of it outside my own head!

Working with Helen was like having someone climb inside my brain and pull out the best, most impactful, most authentic messages – the ones that speak to my ideal client (or “Secret Twin,” in Helen Speak) and make her feel heard, too. Helen took what I thought I was saying and burnished it into the most perfect version of my message – the one that connects with my Secret Twin on a deep emotional level.

But Helen is so much more than a wordsmith. She pushes you to go deeper, to understand on a visceral level what your ideal client is feeling. She sees your self-defeating mindsets – the ones that are keeping you from the success you want – and gives you practical tools to shift them. She’s a cheerleader for your most powerful self and won’t let you rest until you’ve tapped into that power and put it out into the world.

And she does it all with compassion and a deep belief in your value to the world.

If you feel like you're shouting your message at the top of your lungs – inside a soundproof box – work with Helen now. She’ll help you ditch the box so your true voice can be heard… and so your ideal clients can find you.”

- Lara Dalch

"A modern day Joseph Campbell with a twist."

“WOW - I gotta say I've certainly NEVER heard it this way. I mean and I have a fucking masters degree in transpersonal psychology.

It's like you're the modern day Joseph Campbell with a twist, Helen. Good stuff.”

- Sarah H Nicotra

“She’s on my speed dial. Get her on yours.”

"I’m a rockstar when it comes to business. I eat, sleep and breathe brilliant business ideas and always have practical, inspired solutions to my clients’ problems — not to mention my own challenges. I don’t need “help” and I don’t suffer from confusion or indecision.

But from time to time everyone needs an advisor. And Helen is an advisor I've turned to for the last 7 years.

She has the rare ability to see “above” a situation, poke into the metaphysical realm of limitless possibilities - and then invite you into that realm, too.

Just ONE simple piece of advice she gave me 4 years ago played a huge part in shaping my marketing efforts so they felt far less stressful and way more aligned with how I love to move through the world.

She’s on my speed dial and, if you can get her on yours, your business (and life) will be better for it."

- Erika Lyremark

“You have given me so much more trust in myself and my choices for my biz.“

“I loved getting your direct line to the Divine -- just for me! Because then I felt like I was tapped into it more. Plus it was such personalized work with my business (and really, my life).

You have given me so much more trust in myself and my choices for my biz. You gave me permission to do things my way. But combined that with great advice from all of your experience. It was the perfect balance.

You just make things easier and simpler. I felt NO SHAME when working with you. . . and right away. Even when we really didn't know each other at all. That is really big!”

- Jennifer Kind

"Blew me away each time we spoke."

Helen is a master marketer who goes above and beyond with every encounter.

She blew me away each time we spoke, and all I could do was try to absorb her wisdom like a sponge.

If you need a powerful marketing guru, Helen's the queen."

- S. M. Boyce

“Everything is falling into place."

I've been meaning to email you to let you know how well everything is going. 

  • I've doubled my list in only a few weeks! 

  • The clients have started to flow in, and my first paying client emailed me to let me know how 'amazing' the work I did for her was.

  • My blog is being shared, which has led to more traffic to my site.

It feels like everything is falling into place. 

I'm so grateful for all your help (I truly couldn't have done any of this without you).

- Jehane Sharah

“I have all my marketing content for a new program + sales page I'm launching. This is HUGE.”

“When I enrolled in The Honeygirl Customer Attraction Method I was concerned I wasn't going to learn anything new. I had been investing in several marketing courses in the past year so I had already learned the basics.

But then I heard Helen Hunter Mackenzie on a call talk about her new program Honeygirl and there was something about her voice, her personality and the way she talked about marketing that felt good; it seduced me...

What I loved most about the program was how strategically the material & resources were delivered week after week and especially how involved Helen was throughout in the whole course. I felt supported, uplifted, inspired & motivate to take action the entire time.

As a result, I have all my marketing content for a new program + sales page I'm launching. This is HUGE.

Bonus; it's now super easy for me to write blogs, emails & sales copy that feel authentic, real, honest & fun. I'm now a proud Honeygirl!”

- Caroline Frenette

"Fantastic course, hands down. Plus the community Helen has created is wonderful."

“Honeygirl is a fantastic course, hands down. I not only learned some new skills, but also sharpened a few that I already had! 

Helen Hunter Mackenzie is incredibly generous (this woman seriously shows up for her clients and always, always brings her A-Game), and she's got the skills and expertise to back up all that she will teach you. And here's the other part I love so much about having been in this course, and being a Honeygirl: the Hive! The community Helen has created is wonderful. 

When I'm struggling with my copy or marketing, I can hop over to the Hive and get insightful, professional (and often funny) critique and support usually within the hour. And often it's Helen herself there to nudge me in the right direction or give me a witty insight. She's the first person I think of when I want a marketing or copywriting opinion, and consider myself lucky to learn from best, the Queen Bee herself!”

- Kimberely Arana

"With Helen's help I was able to reach my launch goal for the week in only 4 hours."

“When I say that Helen is hugely responsible for my Wildheart Revolution launch success, that is a big understatement. It's hard to explain exactly how a copywriter can have so much influence on your results, but the way I look at it was that Helen not only wrote words down on a page, but she GOT ME. 

She took the time and careful detail in understanding what it was I wanted to create, she got inside my head and heart (like a life coach would), pulled the sparkly gems from that, and wrote, in exactly MY VOICE, the words that spoke to the exact right people for my program. It was a perfect co-creation, and whoever said that we can't do it all on our own is right. Helen was my perfect partner in launch crime. 

With Helen's help, I was able to reach my launch goal for the week in only 4 hours of the doors being open. I'd say that's pretty darn good.

Logistically, Helen gave me structure so I always knew what I needed to do to get it done. And I always had the feeling that she thought about me and ways to create an even more successful launch during the times we weren't actually talking. Her work is invaluable. I really don't think I could have done it without her.”

- Sally Hope

"Made my money back in two weeks!"

“Since starting this class I have begun working with 2 Movement Maker Clients that I wouldn't have even had clarity to start if it wasn't for this class!

I made my money back in 2 weeks!!!

Love this community and am so grateful for your wisdom, generosity and teaching skills Helen!”

- Erin Giles

"The level of in-depth attention and generosity of help is priceless."

“Helen, I've learned so much from you. Thanks so much for your generosity and pure heart in sharing what you know.

I really feel that this course is sharing lots of stuff that a lot of marketers won't really tell you because THEY are using it, exactly like you said.

And the level of in-depth attention and generosity of help is priceless in itself.

I also love the energy AND most importantly the compassion from everyone, there is just a level of warmth in this group that I just love!”

- Amy Won

"Nothing teaches the practical applications of copywriting and psychology like your course."

“Even though I've been a brand marketer for 15+ years, nothing teaches the practical applications (such as copywriting and psychology elements associated with decision-making) like your course!

I LOVE that you've created a community that's incredibly supportive, and that you are so giving and generous of your time. THANK YOU!

And I must say- I just LOVED working with you. I felt comfortable opening up as you have a very encouraging presence. Thanks for believing in me and in Tumblewalla!”

- Sonal Gertwen

"My classes are full with waiting lists & I have had at least 10 key community players message me."

“I want to say thanks again for being able to be a part of such an endlessly inspiring support network.

And I wanted to share something amazing I learned from the last session that has completely changed my business: COMPLETELY.

I don't remember the exact wording but Helen brilliantly taught us that our business powerfully changes when people know why we do what we do, what we believe.

Since tweaking the focus of my blog & really everything to revealing why I do what I do, my classes are full with waiting lists & I have had at least 10 key community players message me to meet me for coffee to "discuss" my business.

I am so grateful for this course. It has TOTALLY changed my business. I am letting people see my soul -- & in doing so, they are joining me in my dream to spread compassion.”

- Jennifer Alexander

"Honeygirl completely blew me away. No one teaches marketing from this perspective!"

“The moment I laid eyes on the Honeygirl Customer Attraction Method, I was immediately inspired. After obsessively reading the copy over and over, I printed off the sales page... I knew I had found something special and I had to be a part of whatever Helen was cooking up!

I really did not need another marketing training (yep - I'm a info-product-junkie!)... but after teaching my own program for the last few years, I was approaching my upcoming launch completely uninspired. I knew I could launch using what I'd done in the past. But after a few years, I had evolved and learned so much that what worked in the past no longer reflected the true value of what I had to offer.

Honeygirl completely blew me away. There are a ton of people teaching marketing, but no one teaches marketing from this perspective! It's like every other marketing training is teaching you how to use crayons... and in swoops Helen with her palette of pastels and watercolors and oil paints. Even if you think you've heard this all before, Honeygirl teaches you how to bring more depth, richness, and vibrancy to your marketing!

As Honeygirl wrapped up, I prepped for the launch of my program - The Yogipreneur's Guide to Conscious Business Design - using my new Honeygirl methods. OMGosh. I was completely blown away by the response!

Even though I've run this program for a few years... this year is the FIRST TIME I feel like I've actually clearly articulated what I really have to offer. AND the part I love the most -- this is the first year I decided to change up the structure of the program to make it more ME. I was completely inspired by how much attention Helen gave to each person inside Honeygirl that I adopted her implementation weeks with live workshops and hot seats. I even limited seats to only 25 people so that I could really lavish them with attention. It feels amazing to take this program to new heights.

If you're thinking about joining Honeygirl, don't hesitate! You really will create an offering so delicious you can hardly keep from buying it yourself!”

- Racheal Cook

"I'm so thrilled at the beautiful offerings I've been able to create through working with you!"

“Before meeting you, I felt confused about how to clarify my offerings without overcomplicating them— as well as how to develop copy and content that really described what I had to offer.

When we met up, immediately I was like, Wow, this is it. I hadn’t necessarily been searching, but I had been exploring how people were doing things and seeing how people ran their businesses and interacted with others. I didn’t even have any hesitation about working with you. And I’m SO glad I decided to go for it.

You are kind and empathetic—sympathetic— but at the same time what I love is that you’re not going let me turn around on myself. I am so thrilled at the beautiful offerings I’ve been able to create through working with you!”

- Jennifer Holt

"Can't recommend you highly enough!"

“I can’t recommend you highly enough! In fact, I WILL recommend you HIGHLY after graduation. :)

Seriously, I’m feeling like I don’t want it to be over!

Can’t tell you how much YOUR INSTRUCTION and WISDOM have changed my life, except to say that it’s impacted my job, my marriage, my stress level, and my state of mind – not necessarily in that order. :)

I feel “at peace.” Aaahhhh…”

- Kim Bultman

"Helen's inspiration, positive vibe, and willingness to help are contagious."

“When I first subscribed to Helen’s web site, and contacted her, I knew deep inside me that I’d work with her one day. After a couple of months Helen announced “The Honeygirl Customer Attraction Method,” and I was in.

Helen’s inspiration, positive vibe and her willingness to help are contagious. She speaks simply and goes deep inside marketing, relationships with customers, and the emotions that have to stand behind every word we speak or write and action we take.

Even though I don’t write in English, the content on copywriting was tremendously helpful. If you want someone who will teach you about a new approach to marketing, copywriting and business and who will be 100% dedicated to you, Helen is this person.”

- Lidija Pehlić

"My favorite part of what Helen teaches is for us to trust our intuition."

“I have taken a few business classes in this past year that I consider extremely good investments and high quality. And, the way I am describing Helen Hunter Mackenzie these days is that she is one of the best marketing people I could be learning from.

In addition to original and extremely helpful marketing information that one can learn in her Honeygirl course, my favorite part of what Helen teaches is for us to trust our intuition and learn about good marketing by paying attention to the marketing we like ourselves.

There are times to get help and there are times to be empowered to do what we can for our businesses and Helen definitely steps on the side of supporting our empowerment. 

While we get so much support, Helen also challenges us at times. However, when Helen has asked me important questions about my marketing, it is done with so much care that I can’t help but become a more loyal customer. 

Helen teaches how to do customer service and mindful marketing by showing us in the way she treats us. 

Helen shows such respect and responsiveness to her students that it is extremely rewarding to be a part of the Honeygirl community.

And, because life is short, it is no small thing to say that it is also fun to be in Helen’s class.”

- Susan Miranda

"The first 30 minutes were equal to a month's worth of content in another program!"

“What you shared in the first 30 minutes of the very first call was equal to a month’s worth of content in another program!

I couldn’t type notes fast enough!

Everything you said made so much sense to me, and I can already feel shifts happening within.”

- Erin Bowe

"Helped me get the clarity I had been seeking for years!"

“Helen helped me get the clarity I had been seeking for YEARS around my business focus and message. She was able to help me articulate what was inside me but hadn’t yet come fully to the surface in my marketing and my website.

I now have the direction I need to attract my ideal clients and take my business to the next level.”

- Meghan Hof

"Now all the pieces fit together better than I could have imagined."

“Love everything about the course.

You have helped me see myself and my work and how to communicate that to the world in a way I just didn't have before. 

It's like I had all the pieces but couldn't see how they fit together. And now they fit together in a package better than I could have imagined... Thank you.”

- Claire P. Hayes

"I'll be revisiting your help again and again."

“As I progress through the work I'm doing to create my content, program and book, I know I'll be revisiting your marketing help again and again.”

- Shannon D. Caldwell

"I've never had this level of clarity with my business."

“Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all formula to my business development, Helen showed up with intuitive strategies and creative actions that authentically moved my business forward!

I've never had this level of clarity with my business (even with all the other programs I've taken that promise what Helen actually delivers).”

- Adeah Wetzel

"Getting so much out of the program."

“Helen and the Honeygirl team- you are amazing. 

I haven't been able to attend the calls but I'm still getting so much out of this program. Thank you!”

- Tammy Vigue

"I'm sold on my own services."

“I just read the copy you provided. "Love it" doesn't really cover it. I've no words. I am sold on my own services. :)

And you pretty much nailed my experiences and feelings that have made me turn to the work I do.”

- Natasha Vorompiova

"Click-through rates doubled!"

My click through rates DOUBLED to my site! Awesome! Thanks Helen for the super easy tips!

I've loved your work and can't say enough good stuff!

- Stephanie Jiroch

"I'm a killer copywriter!"

I've started working with my business coach and one of my first homework exercises was to craft a new sales offering. 

I used the Honeygirl method and not only does she LOVE it, she says I'm a killer copywriter.

This Honeygirl stuff works!

- Jen Vertanen

"Better than the one I paid a lot more for."

I love your program.

I love it a lot more than another program that I paid a lot more money for which shall remain nameless. :) 

- Linda McGrath-Cruz