Let’s be honest.

There comes a time in every smart woman’s business (and life) when she’s run up against the same “issue” enough times that she finally realizes the only thing getting in her way is. . . well, herself.

If you’ve reached that conclusion, CONGRATS!

You’re way ahead of the crowd.

If you’re reading this, you probably either realize you’re a Highly Attuned Visionary Empath. . .

. . . or you’re at least intrigued by the concept because you feel like I’m holding up a mirror when I say that, as a HAVE:

  • You feel not just your feelings, but everyone else’s around you too.

  • You have heightened sensitivity to odors, temperature, bright lights, and the “feel” or mood of a room.

  • You’re none too thrilled about the overly narcissistic Selfie Nation that online business has become.

  • You’ve always known you were “different” but not “weird” different — just. . . different.

  • Okay, who are we kidding — you’ve always known you are “smarter” different! (more perceptive, intuitive, etc.).

If this is true for you, you’ve probably brushed up against your differences in multiple ways over the years.

You may have grown up feeling like you didn’t quite fit in with classmates, colleagues, and even your family.

And now here you are in business (or trying to start one) and you’re just not like other entrepreneurs.

The great news is that your differences bring highly valuable gifts like clearer insight, deeper intuition, stronger communication skills, and better discernment.

You are an artist at your craft, and you’re committed to bringing the absolute best of you to all of your work.

But you’re finding that this huge heart of yours, along with what are very likely some subconscious beliefs you’re dragging along behind you like a well-worn teddy bear, may actually be kinda holding you back.

If that’s the case, then. . .

I want to invite you to discover REAL freedom. Finally.

By stepping outside the bounds of “personal development” and discovering your unlimited spiritual power, wisdom, and ability to create miracles + kick ass.

Yeah, I want to offer you the chance to awaken and deepen your spiritual practice. . .

. . . so you can kick ass in the material world.

Not by using the “Law of Attraction,” doing hokey rituals, or repeating affirmations.

But by seriously hooking up with the Divine.

(And you can take that in the “sexy” way if you like!)

Here’s the truth: if you feel like you are wired differently than most people, then the methods that “most people” use to realize success just won’t work for you.

It seems kind of obvious, right?

And yet, how much time have you spent trying to change your habits, get over your blocks, or figure out how to fix what’s “wrong” in some area of your business that keeps causing you trouble?




Next-level growth

Creative blocks

Whatever it is — it’s not going to get resolved by reading The Big Leap one more time.

Nothing against that book, or any others!

However, I am wholeheartedly convinced that, if you’ve read The Big Leap (even once) and you weren’t immediately catapulted past your upper limit. . .

. . . there is ANOTHER WAY for you.

And I’ll be so bold as to suggest that “way” is to awaken, develop, and execute your spiritual prowess.

If something is holding you back — and we’ve already established that “something” is, well, YOU. . .

. . . then the only answer is to liberate you.

See, in the world it seems like there are 99 problems.

But there ain’t — there’s just one.

It’s that you think you are in this life all alone, and that you have to figure everything OUT all alone, and that you and everyone else are separate from each other and from the Divine.

In other words, the only block you have to anything you want is a God-block.

Quit God-blocking, and POOF! your troubles dissolve like the illusions they always were.

(That’s what I mean by hooking up with the Divine, man.)

So, here’s my invitation to you: join me inside the brand-NEW Center for Entrepreneurial Freedom.

And free yourself up to meet your Divine destiny.

“She’s on my speed dial. Get her on yours.”

"I’m a rockstar when it comes to business. I eat, sleep and breathe brilliant business ideas and always have practical, inspired solutions to my clients’ problems — not to mention my own challenges. I don’t need “help” and I don’t suffer from confusion or indecision.

But from time to time everyone needs an advisor. And Helen is an advisor I've turned to for the last 7 years.

She has the rare ability to see “above” a situation, poke into the metaphysical realm of limitless possibilities - and then invite you into that realm, too.

Just ONE simple piece of advice she gave me 4 years ago played a huge part in shaping my marketing efforts so they felt far less stressful and way more aligned with how I love to move through the world.

She’s on my speed dial and, if you can get her on yours, your business (and life) will be better for it."

- Erika Lyremark

You are SO entitled to the abundance, ease, joy and fulfillment that your heart and soul crave.

(But you know that, right?)

And I’ve designed this spiritual space to help you meet right up with it.

And to keep meeting with new levels of freedom as you evolve past your current limits.

I wanted to create a space where you could have immediate breakthroughs around your most pressing challenges. . .

. . . while ALSO being profoundly and uncompromisingly supported, believed in, cared for, prayed with, and held up as the undeniably whole, perfect, and brilliant soul you really are — so you can keep reaching new heights.

And I wanted to create a cool space where people just like you could get to know and love each other.

Where (even better) everyone understands, “Hey, we’re kinda special-different and we are here to use that special-differentness to seriously kick ass.”

That’s what the Center for Entrepreneurial Freedom is all about.

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Every Wednesday at 11AM Pacific time I’ll give a dry, boring sermon that will. . . NO! I’m kidding. I’ll deliver a sermon like you’ve never heard before. These unforgettable talks will help you. . .

  • Open up to REAL abundance that goes far beyond “manifesting” cash and then scrambling for it again in a never-ending cycle of feast-and-famine (it’s time to stop struggling around moneyand you will — once you really get and apply spiritual power to your finances)

  • Stop “efforting” so much and start letting a brilliantly smooth Divine plan unfold through you (this is how you can 10X your results in half the time)

  • Trust yourself to go after those bigger goals in your business — and trust Life to help you reach them (you’ll see that Life does want to give you everything, even though the world says, “you win some, you lose some”)

  • Make yourself a strong energetic match to opportunities, synchronicities, money and more, by understanding how to “hook up” to Divine flow

  • Tap in, at will, to the creative power that lies within you (so you can pull out money-making ideas, inspired content, and brilliant solutions — any time you want)

  • Reliably and consistently call on your TRUE Power (with a capital “P”) to reach your highest potential as a business owner and as a soul that’s evolving to the next level through every “challenge” you face

  • Leave your past behind for good — and all of the memories, stories, and habits that keep you re-creating the same experience over and over again

. . . and SO much more.

You’ll also receive assignments, tools, challenges and action steps with each sermon, so you can put these principles into practice and see RESULTS in your business and life.

“A modern day Joseph Campbell with a twist.”

“WOW - I gotta say I've certainly NEVER heard it this way. I mean and I have a fucking masters degree in transpersonal psychology.

It's like you're the modern day Joseph Campbell with a twist, Helen. Good stuff.”

- Sarah H. Nicotra


You’ll have access to a private online portal where you can ask specific questions about anything you’re dealing with right now in your business (or life) — and receive personal answers from me by email, Voxer, and/or on spontaneous Q&A calls or Facebook chats.

Have a question? (“A client just canceled on me and I can’t figure out whether I should set stronger boundaries, or relax into the situation, or. . . what’s the lesson here?”)

Feeling stuck on a project? (“I can’t understand why, even though I’m excited about this, I can’t seem to get moving on it.”)

Need to get a massive perception shift on something? (“I’m feeling a little terrified that this isn’t going to turn out okay. Can you help me see it differently?”)

I’ll get back to you with a solution, an exploration, or an assignment that will make you see things in a whole new way and will get you back on track — or on a whole new track, if that’s what’s needed.


You’ll be able to submit requests for specific prayers — and be included in my daily prayer + meditation practice for 30 days.

This is not some “woo woo” thing, either. When two or more people join up in shared energy and consciousness, results are amplified exponentially.

My method of “prayer” is simply to see your desired results as already done — because on the spiritual level, they are.

Sometimes all we need is for another soul to witness our greatness and potential, and that’s what being included in this prayer practice can do for you.

"Can't recommend you highly enough!"

“I can’t recommend you highly enough! In fact, I WILL recommend you HIGHLY after graduation. :)

Seriously, I’m feeling like I don’t want it to be over!

Can’t tell you how much YOUR INSTRUCTION and WISDOM have changed my life, except to say that it’s impacted my job, my marriage, my stress level, and my state of mind – not necessarily in that order. :)

I feel “at peace.” Aaahhhh…”

- Kim Bultman


You’ll be invited to join our private online Facebook community — where other entrepreneurs just like you will be having breakthroughs and sharing wins.

Even better, if you have a challenge, you’ll never be given advice that sounds like it’s made for “everyone” — because everyone in the group will as different as you are!

This is a perfect time to get in on the community, too, while it’s brand-NEW and highly intimate.


There will be irreverent humor, a few "f" bombs dropped into the middle of the metaphysical interpretations of Bible stories, and a lot of light-hearted energy. Because somber, sad, sorrowful spirituality sucks.

(I mean no offense there -- I'm just kinda passionate about making the journey really fun!)

There will be live events in the future. I know I’m supposed to be creating in-person community in some respect, and I want to be in the same room with you so we can magnify that shared energy we create in this group — as well as form lifelong friendships and create connections that go well beyond the digital realm.

Most importantly, there'll be unending, unyielding, uncompromising space for you to find total freedom from the confines of your ego-based self — in your business and in every area of your life.

“I have done a lot of work over the past few years that might seem similar - but nothing has landed for me in the way this has.”

"I'm reaching out to say thank you for the incredible value the Rise Up Retreat has been for me so far!

As you've said, the information may be available "out there" in other ways - and believe me I have done a lot of work over the past few years that might seem similar - but nothing has landed for me in the way this has.

Your approach, structure, and language feels more accessible and less overwhelming, and that goes a looong way. I am methodically working through all the pieces, and have been inspired to jump into the numbers (which, quite honestly, is new for me).

Many thanks for your generous work."

- Natanya Lara

  • 20% discount on any of my online programs or products

  • Discounts on live events which will be held as the community grows!

  • Weekly sermon every Wednesday at 11AM Pacific (recordings will be made for every sermon) with actionable tools, assignments, and challenges to help you ACT on what you hear

  • Personalized guidance + coaching via email, Voxer, and spontaneous Q&A sessions or chats

  • Prayer request portal where you can receive spiritual + energetic assistance for absolutely anything you need

  • A community of other Highly Attuned Visionary Empaths who are on the path along with you, and who “get” you

  • My unending, uncompromising, unconditional love and support and space for you on that path

  • TONS OF FUN — because spiritual evolution that feels heavy, sad, somber, or hard is just wrong

Only $497 today
No monthly fees ever

Only $67/month
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As soon as you join, you’ll receive a welcome email from me with ALL the next steps!

“A unique, potent mix of strategy and spirituality which results in true transformation.”

“Working with Helen has changed my life and business in ways I didn't expect and hadn't experienced before. I've worked with amazing mentors and teachers, both business and spiritual, for over two decades — and I've taken way too many programs to count — but NOBODY does it like Helen!

Seriously, she brings a unique, potent mix of strategy and spirituality which results in true transformation - lasting changes, not short-term shifts, then back to the old normal way of being and doing. 

Working on inner beliefs and mindset, together with the outer strategy and goals, allowed me to move forward into action with ease, transcending blocks and limitations inside and out. So many missing pieces fell into place through Helen's work and tools. I came away with new plans, with clarity, confidence, peace, renewed enthusiasm for my work and for what I really WANT instead of what I'd been settling for. 

Helen creates a safe, supportive space and shares her wisdom and expertise from a different perspective than I've ever heard before. She's held me to my highest always and believed in me, even when I didn't fully believe in myself. She's funny, kind, wise, warm and oh so generous, with a special fierce, gentle, rare level of commitment to her students' success.”

- Diane Johnston

“You have given me so much more trust in myself and my choices for my biz.”

“I loved getting your direct line to the Divine -- just for me! Because then I felt like I was tapped into it more. Plus it was such personalized work with my business (and really, my life).

You have given me so much more trust in myself and my choices for my biz. You gave me permission to do things my way. But combined that with great advice from all of your experience. It was the perfect balance.

You just make things easier and simpler. I felt NO SHAME when working with you. . . and right away. Even when we really didn't know each other at all. That is really big!”

- Jennifer Kind

“I’m going to work this every day because it’s so brilliant and helpful.”

"I've been loving the STEER map I did it before I went on a webinar today, and I really aligned with the energy of my Soul Mates.

Helen, it was the most amazing webinar. People interacted. I got so many emails and thank yous afterward. I also booked 10 consults — 55 people showed up live and 20% said yes to have a conversation with me. I am going to meet so many cool people in the next couple of weeks. I love that energy!

I'm going to work this STEER process every day because it's so brilliant and helpful."

- Michelle Mazur

Dontcha think?

Hey, I’m not promising unicorns will sprinkle fairy dust over your life when you join the Center for Entrepreneurial Freedom.

I am promising your life will be forever changed.

I’ve spent almost half a century deeply exploring both personal development and spirituality.

The coach training I received almost a decade ago in Human Needs Psychology was great, but I always knew there was more than “psychology” involved in real transformation.

And over the past several years I’ve blended mysticism and business to whip up a truly unique combination of wisdom and practical tools that can help you have both business and personal breakthroughs like never before.

It’s pretty simple: I know what freedom feels like, and I want everyone to experience it.

If there’s absolutely anywhere you want to go in business (or life) that you haven’t quite reached yet, I invite you to join me in this VERY special opportunity to get the wisdom, personal support, and community that can help you do it.

I can’t wait to see you inside!

With tons of love,



Only $497 today
No monthly fees ever

Only $67/month
Cancel anytime with a simple click

As soon as you join, you’ll receive a welcome email from me with ALL the next steps!


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