Quick story about how I quadrupled my income last year. . .

  • Without working any harder

  • Without crossing over to the 'dark side' of slimy sales

  • Without becoming internet-famous

And how I can help you do the same.

While loving your business (and life)!

Hey, it's Helen here.

Two years ago I was stuck in a MAJOR rut in my life and business.

Although I lived in an 'upscale' (read: super expensive) zip code in San Diego, my apartment was cramped, noisy, and routinely stank of pungent garlic, day-old bologna, or dirty dishwater due to thin walls, cheap construction, and my neighbors' various questionable dietary and cleanliness habits.

It was like living in NYC without the culture, restaurants, or nightlife.

Or the Empire State Building.

Okay. . . or the subway.

We don't have a subway in San Diego.


My business was doing fine, but I couldn't seem to move beyond the $10 - $15K per month mark.

And even when I had plenty of cash on hand to move into a different place, I could never quite seem to get my act together and make it happen.

I wasn't exercising or paying much attention to what I ate or drank. ("Another glass of wine? Why not!")

And I was working constantly, so I barely got enough sleep and routinely walked around in yoga gear (that I never did yoga in) with dark circles under my eyes, my unwashed hair discreetly tucked under a baseball cap.

Something had to give.

This wasn't why I went into business for myself, and it SO wasn't the life I'd ever imagined for myself.

So, in July of 2016, I made a radical decision.

I emptied the contents of my cramped, stinky, noisy apartment into a storage unit, and I packed my son, our cat, and every possession we thought we might need (and could fit) into my Jeep. . .

. . . and took off for Portland, Oregon to visit my brother and sister-in-law on their farm (where they have four horses, three large dogs, a Persian cat, about a hundred chickens, and a delightful family of ducks).

We were supposed to be there for a few months (maybe even just a few weeks).

Well, life has a way of bypassing your "supposed to"s.

We ended up spending a full YEAR in Portland.

And, while the story of how and why that happened could probably fill at least a few chapters in a book (and maybe it will, someday). . .

What I want to talk about is how this relates to YOU.

See, during this time. . .

  • My income quadrupled.
  • I started attracting rockstar clients whose businesses I was thrilled to help expand.
  • And (I think the is the MOST important point of all) I got in touch with my own badassery.

More importantly, for the first time in my life, I REALLY understood the nuances of creating my own reality.

This is not about me, though - it's about YOU.

And if you're reading this page, I'm gonna say (wild arrogance on my part or intuition?) that I know a few things about you.

I'm gonna guess. . .


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With love,


Helen Hunter Mackenzie