A Message About Participation In Events

Hey there,

If you believe my mission of supporting women to overcome obstacles to success - and create the reality they REALLY want instead of settling for "good enough" - is a good fit for your event, great!

Please know, however: if a certain list size is a requirement for your event, then we are not a good fit.

List size has nothing to do with impact or message, and transactionally tying it to any event, online or off, goes against my most deeply-held values that include trust, faith, and integrity.

It's pretty simple: if you would like me to be part of your event, then read my blog and social media posts and decide whether my message and style fit with your event.

If so, expect me to wow your audience with my unique voice. I won't disappoint.

If not, then please keep moving along - zero hard feelings here!

Either way, I wish you the absolute best of everything in your business and life.

With love,

Helen Hunter Mackenzie