I work at the intersection of strategy and soul.

If you crave the freedom to express your soul-deep purpose through your business, yet struggle with the practical, actionable steps to get there, look no further for a mentor and guide.

My clients are women entrepreneurs in the transformation space who are ready to get their products and services Soul’d™ (more on what that means in just a moment).

My clients include:

  • Wildly successful multiple six-figure and seven-figure business owners who need powerful support to move to an even higher level of service in the world

  • Women who need help transitioning from a previous career or business to a new, soul-aligned business

  • Or those who are simply tired of working SO HARD at their businesses and want to create a sustainable model that brings financial abundance, freedom, and the ability to create outstanding results in their clients’ lives

I've helped clients create multiple millions of dollars of revenue - but more importantly, I've helped them create strategies for living that are so fully aligned with their truth that they no longer self-sabotage or exhaust themselves, pursuing opportunities and ideas that don't fit BOTH their income and lifestyle goals.

The name of the game is "simplicity" around here - and the effect is a clear path forward with purpose, passion, prosperity and a plan for success.

Here's the simplest truth: YOU create your reality.

life isn't happening to you.png

To consciously create it, though, requires practices and tools that help you rise above your current circumstances, collapse time and space, and make quantum shifts in your reality.

It’s been said, “What got you out of Egypt won’t get you to the Promised Land.”

If you want a new, richer, more consistently abundant and easeful business and life — the truth is, you can’t keep doing things the way you’ve done them so far.

That’s why I created the Soul’d™ Business Method.

It’s a practical method that combines your soul’s path + wisdom with a simple business model that creates wildly abundant income for you, and wildly transformative results for your clients.

Here’s what I know from almost five decades of life experience — with nearly 22 of those years spent in corporate management, and 10 of them in my own business.

Women entrepreneurs who listen to, and follow, their soul’s guidance have the best clients, the easiest business model, and the highest profits.

Better still, they have the security that comes from knowing they can create anything they choose, with the power of the entire universe behind them.

The Soul’d Business movement is about consciously aligning with the highest power available to you, to create the kind of business you really desire — along with a lifestyle that feels incredibly fulfilling.

It’s about adamantly refusing to settle for anything less than exactly what you want to do, in exactly the way you want to do it.

And it’s about realizing the true prosperity that finds its way to you when you fully engage in work that LIGHTS YOU UP inside.

(Instead of making enough money to “pay the bills” like so many entrepreneurs work and hustle and sweat for.)

My mission is to help soul-led women entrepreneurs rise above stress, overwhelm, and under-earning, so they can become the powerful, prosperous, purposeful leaders they came here to be.

Those aren’t just words to me.

My heart is on the line here, because I’ve seen FAR too many women get exhausted, go broke, and become totally cynical on their way to entrepreneurial “freedom.”

And I’m on a mission to change that, because there is a better way.

I’m NOT here to “rescue” anyone, mind you.

But to help you discover clarity of purpose, be catalyzed into consistent effective action on your purpose, and experience real freedom and abundance as the leader of a Soul’d™ business that changes the world.

Remember: YOU create your reality.

So stop settling for "good enough" and start giving yourself what you really want, in business and in life.

If you're ready for more, go here and let’s get started!



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If you want to experience REAL security & certainty in life - and in business - work with Helen. She’s a rare and smart gem. And a wee bit odd & quirky.
— Erika Lyremark
Can’t tell you how much your instruction and WISDOM have changed my life, except to say that it’s impacted my job, my marriage, my stress level, and my state of mind – not necessarily in that order. :)

I feel “at peace.” Ahhhh. . .
— Kim Bultman
I must say - I just LOVED working with you. I felt comfortable opening up as you have a very encouraging presence.
— Sonal Gertwen