Let's get you consciously creating whatever it is you really want - in business and life.

Have you ever found yourself saying,"It's better than nothing," about. . .

  • A client gig you just got that "pays the bills" but gives you very little satisfaction
  • The fact that you worked your heart out on your product launch and only a few people bought it
  • The fact that you're helping people, even though you're barely scraping by financially

. . . or ANYTHING else in your business or life?

Are you settling for "good enough" because you don't want to test fate, or be appear to be selfish or greedy (to yourself, your friends, or "the universe") - or because you don't actually believe you can have what you really want?

If so, I get it. I really do.

The first 41 years of my life were characterized by "settling."

Not that I didn't have some lovely opportunities, experiences, and relationships during that time.

Overall, though, I wasn't living the life I'd envisioned for myself when I was a little girl.

When I was little, the world seemed huge and the possibilities unlimited.

But as I grew up, I "had" to narrow the possibilities down (or so I thought) to a viable career where I could make lots of money and have all the material possessions I wanted.

I chose a career in healthcare technology, a field that bored the pants off me - and despite my lack of passion for the work, I moved up the ranks of management, earning lots of money and acquiring all those possessions I just knew I needed.

I knew I wasn't where I was meant to be, professionally at least, but I didn't know how to get where I wanted to go.

In my personal life, I'd always been one to strategize, encourage, inspire.

I was the one friends came to when they wanted life to make sense, when they wanted to see a new perspective - or just feel better and more hopeful and certain.

I was the one who, as a teenager, spent hours talking with those closest to me, working every angle to help them see their greatness.

And this was the kind of stuff that SET MY SOUL ON FIRE. I always felt energized, liberated, and emotionally moved when someone else had a big perspective shift.

One day late in 2008, as I sat in my beautiful corner office, watching the sunlight stream through the windows and wishing I had the FREEDOM to go walk under the trees instead of having to give a presentation that day at the quarterly board meeting. . .

I made a decision that I wouldn't let another decade go by, working on someone else's dreams and ideas.

I'd love to say that, from that moment on, things transformed in my life.

The truth is, it took another three and-a-half years before I got my fledgling business off the ground.

My biggest obstacles were my deeply-held belief systems and my seemingly ceaseless propensity for self-sabotage, which presented as procrastination, indecision, self-doubt, and lack of clarity.

With the tools and resources I've developed since then, though, I know I could have gotten there faster.

Once I began to tease out what was really going on underneath the surface, it became clear to me that there are a limited number of problems we humans face, and an INFINITE number of solutions.

As the former poster child for frittering my life away, I often say that if I can rise above my limitations, anyone can. And I truly believe I can help anyone else do it, too.

No matter what you've tried before, or how powerful (or weak) you already feel, I can support you in consciously creating whatever you desire in your business and life.

I've developed a set of tools and a system that can help anyone create a six-figure (and beyond) transformational business, with soul and integrity.

And more importantly, that honors your truth, aligns with your sacred path, and nourishes your spirit, mind, and body.

Because business should be profitable to both your bank account AND your soul.

I work exclusively with entrepreneurs or other artists who are creating something big in the world - because they think the same way that I do.

Plus, the path of entrepreneurship is one that only those of us treading it can fully understand and map.

(Nothing against Corporate America, but it has its own code and map that, honestly, doesn't line up with my gifts.)

I also have two main "weapons" in my arsenal: soul alignment (you could also call it "self-realization") and marketing & business strategy.

When your business gets SOUL’D™ - my term for a business that’s totally infused and aligned with your soul purpose. . . that’s when seemingly miraculous stuff starts to happen.

Opportunities arise that hadn’t seemed to exist.

Ideas come to you that you never could have conceived of if you’d sat and “thought” for hours on end.

Your words flow effortlessly when you describe your products and services.

It’s easy to reach out to people and ask them to join you.


And when you use that fire to fuel a strong business strategy and clear and true marketing message - you have all you need to create joy, wealth, prosperity, freedom, and peace within your business, and in your life.

My clients include wildly successful multiple six-figure and seven-figure business owners who need powerful support to move to an even higher level of service in the world (and income in their business). . .

Women who seek help in transitioning to a new business from a previous career (something I've obviously done). . .

Or those who simply desire to create more of life on their own terms (relationships, money, career, etc.) and want to do it consistently and without struggle.

I've helped clients create multiple millions of dollars in their businesses - but more importantly, I've helped them create strategies for living that are so fully aligned with their truth that they no longer self-sabotage or exhaust themselves, pursuing opportunities and ideas that don't fit BOTH their income and lifestyle goals.

The name of the game is "simplicity" around here - and the effect is a clear path forward with purpose, passion, prosperity and a plan for success.

Here's the simplest truth: YOU create your reality.

So stop settling for "good enough" and get what you really want, in business and in life.

If you're ready for more, go here and let’s get started!



PS - If you want more info on my background, or you're looking for an official bio for press or speaking opportunities, here it is.

If you want to experience REAL security & certainty in life - and in business - work with Helen. She’s a rare and smart gem. And a wee bit odd & quirky.
— Erika Lyremark
Can’t tell you how much your instruction and WISDOM have changed my life, except to say that it’s impacted my job, my marriage, my stress level, and my state of mind – not necessarily in that order. :)

I feel “at peace.” Ahhhh. . .
— Kim Bultman
I must say - I just LOVED working with you. I felt comfortable opening up as you have a very encouraging presence.
— Sonal Gertwen

Oh and, did I mention? I love me some irreverent humor. 

(Who says becoming a powerful creator is all serious and stuff?)

As I write this, I'm trying to think of a joke or something to demonstrate what I mean.

I think, though, if you learn more about the business through the eyes of my team, you'll get the picture.

Or, you can go here to learn about some of my quirks.

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Your voice was so soothing and yet inspiring, wonderful combination. I am that woman in the cabin... wise woman/sage wild woman/ goddess... It really helped me hone in on what I offer, and the feeling of how it feels when I am in that zone.
— Ana
“Your meditation was AWESOME and your worksheet super helpful! Can’t wait to go over it again!”
— Sita
I did the Clarity Session and THIS is the rough draft of my NEW welcome message for my website. It’s better than the one I have on my site and it is more fresh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— Stephanie