If you want a sampling of the kind of shenanigans you might be getting yourself into by working with me, here is a list of 22 random things that make me who I am.

Why 22? Why not. . .

  1. I adore people and am often the life of the party in social situations, but I’m an introvert in the strictest sense of the word. I recharge by being alone.

  2. I lived in Iran in the early 1970s with my super-religious missionary family.

  3. I'm not religious anymore but am deeply spiritual. Which, by the way, is actually what every religious figurehead has ever been (spiritual, not religious. . . ever noticed that?).

  4. The first ‘chapter book’ I ever read as a child was Ramona The Brave by Beverly Cleary. It was a red paperback, with an illustration of Ramona flying through the air on a swing. Good times.

  5. My "signature scent" is Cristalle by Chanel, and has been for almost 25 years. I'm a little bummed that I can no longer buy the body lotion in the U.S.. (What gives, Chanel? It's your best scent ever!)

  6. There is a solid chance that I am biochemically addicted to both arugula and red grapes. I really can’t get enough of either of them.

  7. If you visit my home, you will see me hop up and straighten pictures halfway through our conversation, just ‘cause I can’t concentrate until everything is in perfect alignment. Yes, it is a curse. Like one of those mysterious King Tut dealios? Nah. Probably just like an ordinary, mundane curse.

  8. I love movies but never turn my TV on just to channel-surf. In fact, I often go days or weeks without turning it on at all.

  9. My son appeared to me vividly in a dream at least a year before I conceived him. I've since learned that this is part of how conscious reality-creating works.

  10. I dislike foods that require a lot of effort for very little reward, such as lobster, crab, or chicken on the bone. (Really, you’re going to make me work that hard for such a tiny morsel?)

  11. That said, I have a fondness for the tactile sensation of eating my meal with a knife and fork. Maybe it’s because people always look so cool doing it in the movies.

  12. When I was 9 years old, I was asked to skip a grade in school, but I declined because 5th Grade was full of ‘big kids’ and it scared the crap out of me.

  13. I hate roller coasters. Why do people want to be thrown about like that?

  14. When I was 25, my best friend and I spent the day at Disneyland just to see if I actually hated roller coasters. Rode every ride there, including Space Mountain. Yep, I hate ‘em. (And Disneyland is tame!)

  15. I love almost every genre of music, from classical to hip-hop to heavy metal. My only pet-peeve is what I call ‘Spaz-Jazz'. . . that kind of jazz where the notes just go all over the place and then repeat themselves over and over again until you feel like grinding your teeth (or leaping out the window to a welcome death).

  16. The time just before sunset is my favorite time of day, especially when the sky is clear. I can almost taste it, it’s so delicious.

  17. Speaking of taste. . . dill pickles feel like a big commitment to me. They stay with me all day, and I’m not talking about something common like burping. I just feel like my whole head becomes a pickle when I eat one. That said, I do like the flavor and will indulge when I'm feeling particularly masochistic.

  18. When I discover a new song or album, I generally play it ‘til my ears bleed.

  19. I hate ordering something new from the menu. What if I don’t like it? I could have had my favorite. . .

  20. But I need variety in just about every other area of my life.

  21. I have about 12 books going at any one time. I’m done apologizing for it.

  22. When I was in 7th Grade, I drew a picture in my diary of the backpack I had just bought with my babysitting money. I described it in detail, including the pocket in front with space for my assignment notebook. I also included the exact price I had paid for it, including tax. I was a nerd who really needed a life.

  23. All these things are only a reflection of who I have decided to be in this physical form. . . and I’m good with them being here today and changing tomorrow. It’s part of the ‘peace-in-any-circumstance’ freedom I’ve found along my journey of life.

(Oh crap, that’s 23 things, not 22! Okay, bonus thing: I hate following rules.)

Thanks for stopping by and reading this laundry list.

I'd love to get to know all about YOU and your 22 (or more) things.




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