Let's break down what's going on here, shall we?

Okay - first of all. . . the ONLY reason for any of us to NOT get all that we say we want in business (and) life. . .

. . . is that somewhere deep down inside, there's a conflict.

Think about it: you want a glass of water, you go to the kitchen, pour it, and drink.

No conflict.


"Do I really deserve this?
Can I have this water AND a great marriage, too?
Will people respect me if I decide to drink this water?"

Obviously, you know you can drink the water, you feel like you deserve it, and there's nothing getting in the way of you having it.

Even if you're nowhere near a water source, and you're really thirsty, you STILL don't feel conflicted about getting water.

You know that as soon as you can, you'll get ya some water.



Well, lemme clarify: different for those of us in the business of transformation.

We're here to change lives, right?

We're not selling widgets, we're selling our soul-driven services and ideas.

It feels like we're selling ourselves.

So we get our identities all wrapped up in our businesses.

And because a part of your identity really, truly craves being deprived and ignored and sad and lonely and unloved. . .

Well, that part of your identity swoops in every time you start to make progress, just to keep you at the same stale level.

What it looks like when you're not really moving forward.

You have a fantastic month of revenue in your business - and immediately get slapped with a huge unexpected bill of some kind.

You start to gain some momentum on a project that excites you - and suddenly a crisis erupts (business or personal) that requires tons of your time to handle.

You have an AWESOME idea in the shower or while doing dishes or driving - but the minute you sit down to write it out and shape it into existence, you can't remember what the idea was - and the more you try to remember, the more it's like trying to recall the details of a dream.

You finally DO remember your great idea, and you sit down to hammer it out, and - your kid gets sick, or the toilet floods, or your dog gets fleas, or the neighbors start renovating their house with a jackhammer, or whatever - and you're like, "Seriously? Why is this happening RIGHT NOW?"

Maybe there's no specific event that keeps you stuck, but rather the overall nature of your life. . .

You have soooo much client work to do that you have no time to work on your passion projects.

You have a day job, and you're too exhausted to work on your dream in the evening (and you're trying to actually have a life on weekends!).

You have a husband and / or kids and / or fur babies and / or. . . something or someone always needs you and you don't even have five minutes to work on your dreams.

You might even start to wonder if the universe is out to get you.

Why oh freakin' why does it seem like you never have the time or space to make the kind of REAL (next-level) progress you want in your biz?

Or maybe. . .

Maybe you KNOW good and well that something inside you is keeping you stuck.

You have brilliant ideas and a strong desire to share them, but. . .

You get overwhelmed and confused trying to turn even ONE idea into reality.

Like, where do you start when you have notebooks and scraps of paper full of notes, plus all the ideas you haven't written down yet that are jangling around in your head?

Or you get distracted looking at what everyone else is doing and trying to figure out "what works," so much so that you end up spending ALL your creative time consuming everyone else's stuff instead of. . . creating your own.

Or, you get REALLY close to being done with a project and putting a bow on it and sending it out into the world. . .

And suddenly!

You come across someone else who's doing something very similar.

And you start to doubt yourself.

She seems to be saying it better, clearer, more compellingly more cleverly.

She's been doing it longer.

She has more Facebook followers.

She wrote a book about it, for chrissake!

So you dig in and change everything you've worked so hard on, and now you're back to square one.

Or (my favorite) you just don't freaking DO the work you set out to do on a consistent basis. . .

And you can't even really explain why, nor would you ever want to admit it's happening.

To the world, you look super busy (and to yourself you feel busy!). . .

But deep down, if you're honest with yourself, you know there is way more you could be doing on a regular basis.

Clearly, you're getting in your own way.

But what do you do about it?

Is this just the way it's gonna be for you?

Will this ever change?!?


But only if you do.





Because deep within is a REAL You - the You that knows how to create worlds.

It's been here since forever began.

It's inextricably hooked into the great nothingness from which everything is created.

It contains all the patterns of nature and can trace every constellation in the night sky.

And it wants to help you create everything you desire.


Let's talk about desire for a sec.

You may have heard something along the lines of, "If you have a desire, then you also have the means to fulfill it."

And it's true!




I think it's important that I tell you - I created this program out of hard-won lessons in my own business.

I'm a former "lazy" person who's learned how to fall in love with CREATING.

My shift came when I surrendered, about a year ago, to the idea of making almost all of my living from copywriting.

Prior to that, I had really struggled with putting structure around my work.

Who wants structure when you're a creative soul, right?

The problem was, my lack of structure was making it super difficult to grow my business past a certain level.

And I felt like I was working all the time, because I didn't have good habits in place for working consistently.

But after taking on some big copywriting projects, I had to learn how to get productive.

To do that, I had to investigate what was going on that made me resist structure so damn hard.

And that's when I discovered that "inner masochist" (that lives inside all of us).

I learned how it's formed, how to spot it, and what to do to get it to stop holding me freakin' prisoner to my own self-defeating habits.

And I learned how to become a different person (no, not a "better" person - this is not a "fixing yourself" process I'm talking about).

I learned how to become the person who could actually experience the success I wanted.

Of course, I'm still learning new lessons every day! (Every one of us is - it's called 'being alive.')

But one of the things that made a HUGE difference for me was getting help, and kinda "tapping in" to the energy of someone else who'd already figured out some of the stuff I was still trying to 'get' on a deep level.

And honestly, this was huge because, before then, I had totally resisted the idea of getting help.

I thought a smart, capable, leader-like person like me shouldn't need to get help - and couldn't possibly find anyone qualified to help.

(Since I didn't freakin' trust anyone! Which was yet another way my "inner masochist" was keeping me stuck.)


I'm sharing this with you 'cause it's why I HAD to create this program.

I look around as my new (ever-evolving) self, and I see these amazing, smart, talented women who are not fully living at the level they're capable of.

They're doing fine, sure.

But they're not kicking ass and taking names, y'know?

And I'm not talking about the Tony Robbins-style, super masculine, high-energy kicking ass thing.

Myself, I'm not a rah rah pound-my-chest-and-roar kinda person - I'm more of a quiet strength-type.

What I'm referring to is the ability to. . .

Wake up every morning with absolute purpose and certainty. . .

Get all that can be done today, DONE - and do it with free-flowing creative energy (so it actually feels amazing and not like drudgery). . .

Feel super-clear about your value in the marketplace. . .

And be able to express it clearly (this is part of what makes the work way more fun). . .

And SELL it confidently. . .

Play hard when playing (even if "playing" is just binge-watching Netflix - that counts!). . .

And know that you are, every day, creating something that is an expression of life itself, working its way through you. . .

Through your fingers on the keyboard, your voice on a recording, your countenance in person or on camera, the way you interact with others (again, online or off), the brilliant way you provide your services and products for your clients and customers. . .

And also feel the emotional freedom that comes with handling that "inner masochist" that, before, had left you on some kind of freakin' emotional spiral.

(Entrepreneurs are fabulous at the emotional spiral - going up and down the entire spectrum from exhilaration! despair! joy! misery! thrill! terror! to utter exhaustion, and back at it all over again. . . right?)

Well, anyway.

All of the above (the certainty, the consistent productivity, the skillful marketing and selling, the emotional freedom) is my definition of kicking ass and taking names.



Yes, I know you're already pretty damn successful.

This isn't about picking up the broken pieces of your business and life or "fixing" anything.

It's about the fact that - even though you are decidedly NOT broken. . .

You keep finding yourself just kinda circling the same level of results, week after week, month after month, year in and year out.

You're doing 'fine.'

You're probably doing better than a lot of people!

But you recognize that you keep running into some roadblocks and they are starting to look suspiciously like a pattern.

As in, "How am I here again when I thought I had handled this?"

It might be cash flow "feast or famine" stuff. . .

It might be that you keep attracting bad clients. . .

Or having clients pull out of their agreements with you. . .

Might be that you can never seem to enroll (or keep) more than X students in your program. . .

Or surpass $Y dollars in monthly or yearly revenue. . .

Or get beyond Z subscribers on your mailing list. . .

Might be something else entirely.

And, by the way, it may seem like a personal issue (relationship stuff, perhaps?), even though if you really look at it you can see how it's mixed in with your business results.

Welp, that's basically what this ENTIRE immersive experience is gonna be like.

Simple, content-rich, fun - and all designed to get you creating your most epic success EVER.

I believe this is where I tell you who this is for and NOT for.

But you know what?








The way to achieve all you want is to follow a proven path to creating the results you want: with expert guidance, a shift in mindset and a trusted community to keep you on track and accountable.

It all starts with a decision to say yes to your bigger future. Once you make this commitment to change the course of your trajectory, professionally and personally, what previously seemed so far out of reach now begins to materialize in your life. It’s that easy.

All it takes is to take that first step, in courage and with faith.


It’s time to activate your greatness. We are here to help.
Where would you like to start?