How would you like to be able to create abundance in a beautiful way?
(Instead of breaking down your 'money blocks'?)

Hey there, I'm Helen Hunter Mackenzie, and I know that abundance can seem incredibly elusive.

For many years, I thought that those whom I saw enjoying prosperity, joy, and fulfillment had some sort of 'secret invitation' to a party I hadn't heard of - or they were just lucky.

I spent decades in a high-powered management career where the money was great, but my quality of life was decidedly NOT great.

I wasn't creatively fulfilled, and I felt owned by the companies for whom I worked. And I longed to be in business for myself instead of working on someone else's dream, but I couldn't figure out how to make the transition.

Then one fateful weekend about five years ago, I had an epiphany that changed everything

In what seemed like a flash (while absorbing spiritual teachings on my living room sofa, from a mentor I'd never met) I realized that my consciousness was creating my entire physical reality. Not some of it. Not a lot of it. ALL of it.

The fact that I was unhappy in my job and couldn't 'figure out' how to transition into my own business wasn't due to my circumstances, but to the consciousness (my inner state) that had shaped them.

(I'm not talking about 'positive thinking' here - I was already a pretty positive thinker at that point! I'm speaking of something much more profound. . .)

Within just a few short months of this 'awakening' and the resulting shift in my consciousness, I was able to finally walk away from my corporate career and into a successful business of my own.

And that's when my abundance education began in earnest.

Even though I'd made a HUGE breakthrough in my way of being, I realized that my entire approach to money was completely skewed.

While I'd had no trouble commanding a high salary for work I couldn't stand doing, I soon began to face the very same problems that so many heart-based entrepreneurs face: 

  • I was scared to price my services at rates that felt truly good to me ("I'm doing something I LOVE and would do for free - how can I charge a lot for that?")
  • I had a basic feeling of not being 'good enough' ("Maybe if I take on just ONE more client at this low fee, I'll be able to raise my rates. . .")
  • I was truly terrified that money wasn't going to come in the door ("What if have to sell everything I own and my son and I end up homeless?")

The good news (strange as it may seem) is that I had no time to lose in solving these problems.

I live in Southern California, where a six-figure income is pretty much a must for a single mom who wants to stay in a good school district.

(Plus, having gotten used to a high income over the years, I wasn't interested in being poor!)

So I began to investigate all the Law of Attraction and 'manifesting' material I could get my hands on (because that's what you do, right?).

Something wasn't lining up for me, though.

There was too much contradictory advice and what felt like double-talk, like. . .

"Ask for what you want, be VERY specific about it so the universe doesn't get confused, and then if you don't get it, just know that the universe has something else in mind for you."

"The universe has your back. It wants only good for you."

"Don't mention what you don't want, because the universe will hear it and think that it's what you DO want."


I didn't understand the point of asking for what you wanted if you were just going to get what the universe wanted to give you anyway.

And I didn't understand how a universe that loved and supported me would give me so much angst around true abundance.

And I REALLY didn't understand how a supremely intelligent universe would somehow be so confused by a simple request, just because I had failed to word it 'just right.'

So I kept digging, and soon I made another brilliant discovery.

Right in front of me all along had been this entire world of teachings, written by prophets, sages, mystics and others who'd since passed away on this physical plane - but consisting of wisdom that was more than timely for our current age.

(And more importantly, that made some actual SENSE.)

And as I began to dive into these materials more deeply, I was brought back to that original epiphany: "My consciousness is creating this situation!"

And suddenly, all of the 'puzzle pieces' began to put themselves in place. 

I finally began to not only understand the words of these ancient mystics, sages, and prophets - but to start living them profoundly and consistently.

It felt like I'd become a new person. Where there had been fear, judgment, anxiety, anger, and stress - now there was trust, compassion, peace, love, and calm.

And as a beautiful side effect of these shifts, I began to dramatically increase my income while working less (and NOT because I had discovered some type of new 'funnel' or 'system,' but seemingly as if by magic, with client referrals steadily coming in and programs filling up without doing the marketing 'right').

As time went on, I realized that I was being called to share the wisdom I'd learned from these old and ancient texts in a modern way that would be easy to digest and use right away (in a society that doesn't lend itself to long hours of contemplation).

In fact, it would be fair to say I became consumed with a burning desire to help others the way I'd been helped.

And while I've gone on to share many of these principles with my private clients and students over the years, but most of my programs and classes represent a fairly significant investment to get started.

So I asked myself, "What could I create that would be transformational, super easy to digest, and out-of-this-world affordable?"

From that questioning emerged a new, powerful workshop: Awakening To Abundance.

It's a fact that the spoken word is one of the most powerful manifestation tools we have.

And yet, even though affirmations (in the form of prayers, mantras, chants, and other rituals) have been used in every spiritual and religious tradition known to man. . .

In recent years they've been subjected to a lot of 'junk' teaching.

In fact, too many 'Law of Attraction' gurus are giving out directives around affirmations that end up making them utterly useless.

And it's a shame, because people are missing out on a powerful manifestation tool.

I myself was a HUGE doubter of affirmations. . . until I discovered how to use them correctly.

And now that I know how to harness their power, it breaks my heart to see them being taught improperly, and to see people walk away from them feeling disappointed, doubtful, or like they 'did it wrong' somehow. 

So, inside Awakening To Abundance, I'm providing you with the simple, clear, foundational principles of creating affirmations that WORK to increase your abundance (financial or otherwise).

You'll learn why affirmations really DO work - and the simple reason why they haven't worked for you thus far.

You'll get a hand-picked list of the affirmations that I used to transform my own money 'stuff' back when I began to shift my own consciousness, which led to an exponential increase in my income (while working less!).

And you'll learn the MOST important part of the affirmation process (without this, your affirmations will simply end up reinforcing the condition you're trying to change!).

Plus, you'll receive a beautiful, inspiring recording of a daily affirmation that's designed specifically to open you up to receive abundance in your life. It's less than 2 minutes long, so you can EASILY fit it into your daily schedule.

(And I'm not bragging AT ALL, but if you've ever downloaded a guided meditation and been less-than-thrilled with the quality of the recording, you won't have that problem here, as the recording is first-rate and I've been told time and again that my voice has a positive impact.)

Best of all, Awakening To Abundance is yours
for immediate download for only $8!

Why just $8?

Because, as I said, I wanted to create something that's accessible to just about anyone - and that can help anyone get started manifesting the abundance they desire, without laying out a ton of cash (that they don't have yet!).

At the same time, it's a basic function of human psychology that when we exchange money for a product or service, even if it's just a few bucks, we value it more highly and are able to put it to use in our lives.

(Hint: I want you to put this workshop to use in your life!)

The number 8 is also significant in numerology and represents ambition, accomplishment, and wealth. So when you put forth the amount of $8, you're already infusing this workshop with the energy to accomplish what you desire in the area of abundance.

Like anything, you have to show up and actually DO the work in order to see results. But why not power up your efforts with the energy that creates worlds?

So this is it, my friend. Your decision.

(And of course I won't take it personally if you decide to pass.)

It's time to decide whether using effective affirmations can help YOU realize the abundance you desire (financially and otherwise).

This isn't some hocus-pocus magic trick, either. I'm not going to promise you'll receive money from unexpected sources within 48 hours of downloading the guide, or any other chain-letter-sounding claim.

I am going to promise, though, that you'll receive sound, solid wisdom and guidance that can help you truly understand how to put affirmations to work in your life, maybe for the first time ever.

Remember, scores of saints, sages, and mystics throughout the centuries have recognized the power of the spoken word to effect change in our lives.

Why else would a thing like prayer exist? Why would mantras be seen as a powerful manifestation tool? Why would incantations be an essential part of magic rituals?

Most importantly. . . think about how words affect you.

When someone tells you, "You look beautiful today!" how does that make you feel? 

Or imagine that someone says, "Wow, are you okay? You look really tired."

What happens to your state of mind? Does your energy drop a bit? 

And what happens inside your body when that inner voice of yours says something like, "You'll never figure this out."

Conversely, how does it feel when your inner voice says, "Don't worry, you got this."

There's absolutely NO doubt that words have a tremendous impact on the results we experience in our daily lives.

That's why I'm so incredibly thrilled to share this workshop & affirmation with you.

In just minutes a day, you'll be on your way to experiencing the magic, joy, and abundance you desire in EVERY area of your life.

As soon as you purchase Awakening To Abundance, you'll immediately be sent a private link to download the audio lesson, workbook, beautifully-mastered daily affirmation, and editable files (so you can tailor the daily abundance affirmation to fit you like a custom-cut dress).

I recommend you settle in, grab your favorite beverage, and plan to spend about an hour listening to the audio and/or reading the workbook, and contemplating how you'll craft the affirmations that best support your desire level of abundance.

ONE. HOUR. That's about all it'll take to absorb this transformational workshop.

You'll want to follow up with a few minutes a day of effective affirmations, of course.

Honestly, though - do you have ONE HOUR and EIGHT BUCKS to devote to your abundance? I sincerely hope so.

I know that many of the books I've read from modern manifestation 'gurus' have taken me more than one hour to read, and I've come away from almost all of them feeling like I haven't really gotten close to the answers I'm seeking.

I've designed Awakening To Abundance to be a powerful crash course in mastering the very specific art of using affirmations to increase your abundance. And I've skipped all the fluff and filler material in favor of the heart of the matter.

In short, Awakening To Abundance is your opportunity to break through to the financial abundance, as well as the the joy and peace, you may have been seeking for a long time.

I look forward to sharing this valuable digital workshop with you.

Lots of love,


Helen Hunter Mackenzie


PS - If you've ever felt let down by the vague platitudes you hear from Law of Attraction 'gurus' about abundance, success, and the way the universe works - you'll be pleasantly surprised when you download Awakening To AbundanceIt's simply NOT the 'same old, same old' recycled material you hear everywhere. 

The truth is that even though many of the methods are sound when it comes to manifesting, the fundamental principles behind it are often misunderstood and mis-taught. It's my aim to correct that so you get a DEEP understanding of what matters, in a simple way that you can actually USE.


You'll receive:

  • An 37-minute audio lesson with clear, simple instructions for writing affirmations that actually WORK to increase your abundance and prosperity
  • A 27-page workbook you can come back to time and again
  • Sample affirmations you can use 'as-is' or customize to match your precise desires
  • A beautifully-mastered mp3 recording of an inspiring affirmation you can listen to daily (in under 2 minutes!)
  • 24/7 access on your computer or mobile device

All for just $8!